Lincoln Adjacent: Three Plays NOT About Abraham Lincoln

ensemble theatre · onion creek productions · Ages 12+ · United States

one person show world premiere
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DON HARTACK certified reviewer June 08, 2014
tagged as: smart · intriguing · important
This is powerful material, and the concept is smart. All of the performances are top-notch, as the actors are totally committed to their respective characters. We were moved and learned a bunch in the process. Bravo!... full review
JONATHAN NICHOLS certified reviewer June 08, 2014
Really a well written and beautifully acted production....The cast is very good, but most exceptional kudos has to go to Rif Hutton in the opening monologue. He starts the production with so strong a presence and commands our attention as he gets the lives of these four characters rolling. Great writing helps tell a story that most people don't know about. Really well worth seeing. Great Production.... full review
LEX LANG certified reviewer June 09, 2014
This performance can be summed up as, WOW! With a stellar cast, amazing writing, and smooth flow, Lincoln adjacent is a supreme pleasure to watch. A master class in the subtleties of proficient acting. All of the cast members were spectacular and the show was entertaining and engaging. I highly recommend this show to anyone who enjoys live theatre!... full review
HERB ISAACS certified reviewer June 13, 2014
Strong writing and wonderful perfomances! Superb and highly interesting directing approach. Very much worth seeing.... full review
STEPHANIE SHEPPARD certified reviewer June 12, 2014
tagged as: powerful · riveting · Stunning
A riveting play with breathtaking performances. This play will open both eyes and your heart and reveal the humanness of John Wilkes Booth, the fragility and sensitivity of Mary Lincoln, the compassion of Elizabeth Keckley and the power of Frederick Douglas. A powerhouse of performances and stunning writing by Roger Q. Mason and Stephen Blackburn. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo... full review
CHRISTINE ASHWORTH certified reviewer June 13, 2014
tagged as: powerful · stellar · impeccable
A trio of pieces that work as one, this is powerful theater. The themes are timely: equality for women and the black man (Frederick Douglass); the self-importance of the woman next to the President, and how the country owes her (Mary Todd Lincoln, but substitute any celebrity now); and the ravings of a man with a gun who just wanted daddy's approval (John Wilkes Booth), this is truly an evening that reminds us how far we haven't come in all these years. The writing is stellar; the cast, impeccable. Bravo.... full review
MARINA PALMIER certified reviewer June 17, 2014
Ditto on everything that has been said by other reviewers before me. Top notch in every respect, writing, acting (every actor), directing, costumes, production values. What can I say-Great!... full review
ELLEN SHERIFF certified reviewer June 15, 2014
Amazing performance by all. John Wilkes a Booth was definitely in the house!... full review
MARIE DE VARENNES certified reviewer June 17, 2014
An excellent evening of theater: these three compelling plays are by two different playwrights, yet they add up to a single satisfying whole. Each deals with complex emotions; each reflects a facet of a complicated time in our history. And the acting is terrific throughout. Strongly recommend!... full review
CAROL KLINE certified reviewer June 22, 2014
tagged as: Interesting piece
This is a terrific theatre outing….there are 3 tales..the most satisfying is the middle piece performed by Mary Todd Lincoln and her dressmaker, Lizzie. This seeding has the capacity to be continued in a full length play. I sincerely hope it is continued. Actors in all 3 pieces are terrific and much of the writing is very good. I found myself riveted …one of the best presentations of the FRINGE this year. However, as seasoned an the actors are, and as interesting as the writing is, care should have been taken by the director: less would have been more…too many live sound effects that take this audience member and others "out of the moment" and hamper the voices did allowing some characters to "over amp" that the presentati... full review