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Twylight Zone: Back to the 6th Dimension (a parody)

comedy · four letter theatre · Ages 10+ · world premiere · United States

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MARY ELLEN MORENO certified reviewer June 23, 2014
tagged as: comedy · parody · Sci-Fi · hilarious
You guys. As a lover of a good parody, this show FAR EXCEEDED my expectations! The writing was so incredibly clever! The direction was wonderful and crisp, and the actors were truly invested in every well-thought-out moment and high-brow joke. I want to see more shows like this! And once you see it, you will, too! Go see this show!... full review
What a highly entertaining evening of theater. I saw this on Saturday during their preview performance and I had a blast. It seemed the rest of the audience did as well. The jokes come flying at you one right after the other and while not all of them land with a laugh I'd say at least 90 percent were funny and well executed. As for the actors - not a weak link in the cast. Each actor plays a number of different characters and they were all very fun to watch...especially in the Talking Doll episode. But to say more would ruin the fun. While the second act got a little long at times, the show is a wonderful evening of theater. A fun, goofy show that never takes itself too seriously. The actors seem to be having such a great time which makes... full review
tagged as: parody · comedy · Horror
As a Twilight Zone fan, I was not surprised to find that I also enjoyed the Twylight Zone with a 'y'. Affectionate parodies with funny gags, great acting, and some very clever stage craft. Go check it out!... full review
LARA THOMAS DUCEY certified reviewer June 14, 2014
We had a whole lot of fun coming out to see Twylight Zone! Whether you are a fan of the TV series or not - there is plenty to enjoy here. Having been a long standing fan of the show, it is always fun to see a show parodied well - and Twylight Zone does an impeccable job of finding all of the laughs. The twist at the end of the the "second episode" and the physical gags of the "third episode" are hilarious and play well to the strengths of all of the actors. Do your best to make it out to this show - you won't regret it!... full review
SEAN BORING certified reviewer June 17, 2014
Twylight Zone was a lot of fun! It's presented as both a parody and loving tribute to the classic TV show. The four stories are parodies of some of the classic episodes, with the standout being the doll episode. The cast is fantastic across the board and all are more than game for the absurdity on the stage (the spit takes alone are worth the price of admission). Definitely a fun couple of hours at the theatre. ... full review
PORTER IDLES certified reviewer June 17, 2014
I saw this on June 13th (Friday the 13th...on the night of a full moon! bwahahahahaha) Anyway, I saw this on June 13th and what a fun show this is. There is no other better word to describe this other than Fun Fun Fun (til daddy takes the T-Bird away...)! If you want high art with dramatic moments filled with in depth characters and social commentary - go somewhere else. But if you want a laugh-out-loud, crazy, wacky good time this is the show for you. I would me amiss to not mention how talented the cast is: David Dickerson, while very funny in all his roles, will haunt your dreams for reasons I won't mention here; Brittney Hancock is terrific with a variety of characters, but really shines as a mob boss; Britt Harris might have the hardest... full review
JIM MARTYKA June 21, 2014
One of the most fun shows you will see at Fringe! Imagine if Mel Brooks at his fricken' best had directed some "Twilight Zone" episodes. That's what you got here. David first brought this to L.A. a couple years ago and now its back with all new episodes in this hysterical homage. SO MUCH FUN!!!!! This is a must see show!... full review
SHARI BARRETT certified reviewer June 22, 2014
tagged as: comedy · science fiction · television
As a huge fan of The Twilight Zone TV show, I enjoyed seeing the different mash-ups of episodes as well as catching references to many other episodes (ie: Willoughby, Hitchhiker). It was also fun to see clips from many original episodes played on a large TV monitor on the set. Very clever editing on all of these. This is a bare bones production but the small cast makes it work especially during "Will the Real Visitor Please Stand Up" when most played several characters. The ending was somewhat different but that was okay with me. Great sound effects throughout. "Nightmare at 6,096 Meters" spoofs the original episode featuring a young William Shatner as a recently released mental patient who thinks he seems a monster on the wing of... full review


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