Dramatis Personae

solo performance · vespertine productions · Ages 14+ · United States

one person show
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WHIT SPURGEON certified reviewer June 24, 2014
A terrific performance of material both challenging and rewarding. General audiences will dig the wonderful acting and broad comedy -- those in the business will get it on about 10 extra levels, depending on the level of their education and the number of years they've spent on the stage. A great deconstruction of 2000 years of theatre, and how we perceive it!... full review
CESAR R. certified reviewer June 24, 2014
Dramatis Personae is an inventive and brilliant emotional rollercoaster. The show mixes classical and modern elements of theatre, in all its grandeur and folly, to create an enthralling experience. Though only Mr. Bicknell is on stage, he masterfully includes his audience on this historical journey. I loved it. Go!... full review
STEPHANIE AGUILAR certified reviewer June 24, 2014
The theatre history lesson we all need to receive. Forgotten playwrights are brought into light with a captivating, focused performance by Bicknell. His solid, active, hard work brought a full house to their feet, and left us invigorated by the honesty of it all. ... full review
ANNE EDKINS certified reviewer June 09, 2014
A very smart, very funny "tour" through little-known theatre history. To say too much about this show will diminish the fun of figuring out what's going on! I *will* say that actor/producer/writer/stage manager/lighting & sound operator/etc. Kristopher Lee Bicknell performs brilliantly in a variety of roles. I had a really good time.... full review
HEIDI HILLIKER certified reviewer June 12, 2014
tagged as: surprising · funny · sad · awkward · historical
I saw the show opening night and have been thinking about it ever since. There are so many standout moments. Dramatis Personae is a unique and engaging theatrical experience. Without giving too much away, I can easily say that this is unlike any other one man show that I have seen. The performance spans the spectrum of emotions. In it you will find a little bit of everything. The acting talent of Kristopher Bicknell is matched well with the inventive and well written play. I highly recommend the show. You are guaranteed to have a good time!... full review
JOSEPH BELL certified reviewer June 12, 2014
tagged as: funny · clever · thought-provoking
Dramatis Personae is a gleefully clever tour-de-force by actor Kristopher Lee Bicknell and the show's writers. It's perfectly paced, and defied my expectations of what a one man show could deliver. Bicknell transitions effortlessly from one segment to the next, giving a brave and vulnerable performance. I would say more, but I don't want to spoil the show's surprises for you. Enjoy! ... full review
JON DUDKOWSKI certified reviewer June 13, 2014
Loved it. It took a little while to heat up, but once it was rolling this show got smarter and smarter. ... full review
SHARI BARRETT certified reviewer June 13, 2014
tagged as: one man show · tour-de-force
Written and directed by Sean Dillon and Curtin Krick, DRAMATIS PERSONAE centers on an actor (Kristopher Lee Bicknell) who shares some wonderful gems that he has unearthed from the dim recesses of theatre history. The concept is looking at plays throughout history and the actors who became known for playing important roles in the shows, so much so that the role and actor have become so closely associated they have rarely (or in some cases, never) been performed by others until now. The show is presented by Vespertine Productions. Of course, the plays presented and actors discussed are all fiction, but that hardly matters given the tour-de-force performance of Kristopher Lee Bicknell as the actor who presents many marvelously drawn out ch... full review
TALEIA GILLIAM certified reviewer June 27, 2014
tagged as: entertainment · clever · organic
Two words. MUST SEE! Tonight is the last night and if you actually want to experience a REAL one man show where an hour feels like minutes and you are amazed at every "person" in the story. Go! Run! Whatever you do -- see it. ... full review
REBECCA COMTOIS certified reviewer June 15, 2014
Theater is a team effort. Dramatis Personae explores this idea with an attempt at creating a genuine one man show. Cleverly constructed and perfectly executed by Kristopher Lee Bicknell, this show will remind you of all those times you stepped outside of yourself in drama school and thought, "What the hell am I doing?" With three more performances at Theatre Asylum Lab, it's a thoroughly enjoyable deconstructionist romp that you should take the time to check out.... full review