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Ministers of Grace

ensemble theatre · the theatre asylum and her majesty's secret players · family friendly · world premiere · United States

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VERONICA WYLIE certified reviewer June 28, 2014
There was a joke per minute in this super fun, super funny adaptation of Ghost busters. The writer has done a wonderful job translating the modern day language into 15 century Shakespearean English as well as including asides and soliloquy from Shakespeare ' s actual works that are applicable to the story. All in all a wonderful show and a really good time!... full review
RUSSELL NAUMAN June 28, 2014
This was my first Hollywood Fringe show, and definitely won't be my last! It was a creative adaptation of the ever-popular Ghostbusters film. From the start, the cast encourages the audience to participate in creating sound effects for the story. This was great in keeping everyone engaged (especially since she show began in the late evening @ 11:30pm). It was fun to create the sounds of the proton packs and scream when the Colossal Custard Man (Stay Puft) started to antagonize our heroes. The jokes come quick and are very sharp. (it's quick because they condensed a 105 minute movie into a 65 minute show) Hearing lines delivered in old English brought a whole new level of humor to the original Aykroyd/Ramis script. I found myself laughin... full review
KIRK SMITH June 28, 2014
The MINISTERS OF GRACE is an absolute pleasure romp of parody, wit and cleverness, with the laying on of information, with Shakespearean text and English. This "Ghost Busters" parody reading was performed by an excellent and versatile group of actors......! It is always wonderful to see, and hear, a locked in group of actors, with their energy and spark flowing....! The text and performers so very much delivered the goods...... We the audience were very much entertained ! A Big Bravo to creator Jordan Monsell, Cast & Crew .....! Not A Faction or Theatre Poser Be ...... Thee Art All the Above ! Excellent ! Thank you for all the laughter .... with playing your truth ! Kirk Arnold Smith... full review
DAVID DICKERSON certified reviewer June 28, 2014
Please donate money to these fine folks, because if the production is anything like the staged reading, it would be something incredible to behold. The script in of itself is a gold mine, rife with prose highly evocative of the Bard and matching his sharp wit, with plenty of references to boot. But what really sells it is the cast. Keep an eye out for this one, hopefully it will be back in theatres soon.... full review

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