Toddler Bangs America

comedy · the ed goodmans · Ages 18+ · United States

world premiere
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RICHARD LEVINSON certified reviewer June 24, 2014
Politics, laughs and "bangoo." Yes!... full review
DANIELLE OZYMANDIAS certified reviewer June 25, 2014
Hilarious and heart-rending for anyone with a brain. Powerful satire. ... full review
ABRAHAM BENRUBI certified reviewer June 11, 2014
Oh lord! Corporations are taking advantage of poor little America. Personified in this rollicking comedy by writer / star Ed Goodman, the corporations are literally foaming at the mouth to get their sticky / sweet hands on our persons, body, mind and soul. CJ Merriman, in the role of America, is one hundred percent in, swilling corporate coffee like it was water, alternately raging against her mistreatment at the hands of Toddler Bangs and then begging him for more. The show leaves one feeling a slow burning rage against the over saturation of product and marketing, and one can't help but flip the bird to all the giant billboards on the ride home.... full review
JC KLEIN certified reviewer June 21, 2014
Was a part of this snarky, j'accusatory tale of whoooaaa... and I had a great time. I thought CJ Merriman was sexy and soft and Ed Goodman obnoxiously spot-on, Robbie Winston was the dupe and I felt sorry for him. This is rollicking and roiling and you'll applaud clapping at Mel Brook's swastika in "The Producers." ... full review
DARSHANN SMYTH certified reviewer June 21, 2014
tagged as: political
It was really funny and thought provoking and the actors were top notch. The audience participation was even well done. I laughed out loud a lot which only happens when something is outrageously funny and this show was just that as well as being a good thinking piece that blew my mind on a few occasions. I'd compare it to a Colbert skit on acid. Really, drop everything and GO SEE THIS!!... full review
PAUL HOAN ZEIDLER certified reviewer June 22, 2014
Agitprop? Passion play? Satire? Sarcastic? Cynical? Sardonic? Apocalyptic? Prophetic? All of the above! Plus whipped cream out of a spray can, too. ... full review