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Toddler Bangs America

comedy · the ed goodmans · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States

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If the multi-national corporation were a person, a real person, what would they be like? Toddler Bangs.

production team

edward goodman *
toddler bangs / writer / producer
cj merriman *
amy erica / producer
david mayes *
jinx bladow / officer of peace
brendan broms *
the judge / officer of peace
dana deruyck *
amy eric (understudy)
aaron francis *
light and sound

* Fringe Veteran

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The medicine you need!

This show... "... is soul medicine, powerful and healing.... it assaults our comfort with a fierceness that would make Antonin Artaud and Berthold Brecht proud.” -Mark Hein "... is the beautiful medicine you need.” – Scathach Cotter