The Creeps

solo performance · schapf · Ages 16+ · New Zealand

one person show world premiere

The Creeps is a devised Solo work. It can be described as a comedy with a dangerous element. The audience enters a world where 4 characters, all extremely different in their physical traits, all exist in a dark, absurd, mysterious, and lonely place. The audience will not be a passive one, as these characters are Bouffon’s, and they love to talk. In fact, they will talk straight to you, and you are expected to talk back. Themes of addicition, obsession, dissatisfaction and self medication will be present, and you will see all of these things living inside these characters.

“Her performance is fearless and moving and even in it’s extremities it is laced with heartfelt truth and comedy. This show is proof that there is still creativity and wonderful originality in theatre.”- Eve Danzeisen, Leap First Films

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran