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Fat Pig

ensemble theatre · anglertheatre · Ages 14+ · United States

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RHODA PELL uncertified reviewer June 15, 2014
astonishingly well acted,great direction-everyone should see this! ... full review
SANDRA LAVENDER certified reviewer June 15, 2014
Fat Pig captured my attention before the first spoken line and whipped me around until I had to remind myself it was a drama and not real life. The acting is flawless, the characters complete and the message smarts like a slap in the face. Don't miss it! You will never see this quality performance for so little a ticket price. Bravo!... full review
ANN EDWARDS uncertified reviewer June 23, 2014
Fat pigs was awesome Great story and acting was very good All actors did a good job but my favorite was Carter played by Vic Kuligoski. He has the potential to become a name everyone recognizes. Vic was awesome. Would recommend this play to everyone. ... full review
CHAR HEBERT uncertified reviewer June 23, 2014
Fat Pig was excellent Actors were all great and Carter played by Vic Kuligoski was my favorite A definite must see. ... full review
MARIE PRYOR uncertified reviewer June 23, 2014
Don't Miss it! This show is raw, powerful and poignant. It was brilliantly excuted by the actors and clearly benefits from excellent direction. It is a difficult subject to broach and one that is handled with charm, savvy and outright honesty by LaBute. The actors in this performance were nothing short of gifted. The role of Carter is done with a detestable flair that the actor is able to transfer to the audience effectively, leaving a sour taste in everyone's mouth. Jeannie is also despicable and was portrayed effectively for the most part in this show. The role of Tom is masterfully portrayed in this production. The actor draws us in and does a magnificent job of conveying his inner turmoil and pressures. The absolute stand out in this pr... full review
DANIEL JOHNSON certified reviewer June 25, 2014
Neil Labute effectively captures the portrait of a person who looks like an adult, and dresses like an adult, but is actually a child. Tom – stand-in for all men – has fallen in love with Helen, an overweight woman, and cannot keep from being embarrassed by that fact, despite knowing that he is wrong. His co-worker, frat boy Carter, takes particular delight in this while simultaneously trying to convince Tom to do better. Tom tries to be “what he believes,” to stand proudly by his woman, but ultimately fails, too concerned with outward appearances. (This is no spoiler for anyone familiar with Labute’s view of humanity.) While provocative, and even necessary, Fat Pig is unfortunately poorly plotted... Please read the rest of the rev... full review
DAN AMERMAN certified reviewer June 10, 2014
This show was so awesome - great performances in a small up close setting. I was totally emotionally distraught by the end. Definitely check this show out!!!... full review
STEPHEN FORSYTHE uncertified reviewer June 25, 2014
Powerful writing by LaBute, clean direction and emotionally charged performances make this show a HFF "Best Show" contender. The casting is near perfect. Helen played by Sage Martin is a tour de force of emotions, power, resiliencey, vulnerability and the primary reason this show succeeds. Tom played by VonDexter Montegut displays a wit and charm that is very endearing to the audience while also showing an unease and prickly sense of self doubt and neediness from his peers. The two together make a convincing and wholly likeable couple. But in true LaBute fashion we are set up for the soul crushing fall. The end of this well staged production is no surprise; it is LaBute after all, but that doesn't stop us from being taken into a devast... full review
ROBERT JONES uncertified reviewer June 26, 2014
Fantastic acting, wonderful direction and a really good story. I saw their closing night show and wish I could see it again. Solid performances by all!... full review
DAVID SHEEHAN uncertified reviewer June 16, 2014
A brave and bold subject to bring out from behind closed doors and lowered tones of voices. The acting was excellent....the allowed time venue for the whole performance seemed artificially imposed and a bit tight. Another 10 minutes time would have been helpful to the actors but they excelled with what they were given. In the last scene "Helen's" performance was not a was real and it tore at my heart. ... full review