Afterloves: Love Lives in the Afterlife

comedy · br guest productions · Ages 17+ · United States

world premiere
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June 24, 2014 certified reviewer

My overall impression

I was already excited for this show the moment I read the premise. But to my delight, it was far more fantastic than I had anticipated. The writing was detailed and flowed wonderfully, seamlessly weaving actual quotes from many of the famed personas into the surprisingly believable dialogue, despite the absurdity of the situations.

Not only were the characters and matches wittily crafted, but the actors portrayed their historical alter egos magnificently. Ron Hanks was particularly adept at creating a wild and entertaining version of an excitable Mark Twain, as well as a brusque, rugged and frustrated Ernest Hemingway. And I can’t go without mentioning his fantastic vision of one of my favorite historical figures, Nikola Tesla, as an awkward nerd with some very particular sexual preferences.

The lovely Betsy Reisz was equally phenomenal as she so vividly embodied her characters. My personal favorite had to be her portrayal of Judy Garland. I was entranced as she filled the stage with the immense and indomitable presence of a woman gripping on tightly to faded glory with every inch of muscle she could muster. Her accents and impersonations were always perfectly on point and added another level of authenticity to her characters.

Though the run of this play is currently over, I truly hope this wonderful duo will be performing their show again soon. And when they do, I cannot possibly recommend seeing highly enough!

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