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Hard Travelin' with Woody

solo performance · rooster productions · Ages 12+ · family friendly · one person show · United States

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DONNA PARISH June 24, 2014
Randy Noojin is mesmerizing as Woody Guthrie! As the writer of this one man play, Randy Noojin, did excellent research. Woody had so much to tell his audience of union workers. A vast and varied selection of Woody's music revealed the poverty and struggle for survival of Americans searching for an honest wage for an honest day's work. To take the play to a deeper level, Noojin created a visual history of Woody's art work along with archival films and photographs of an era in America where workers began to understand their strength in banding together as one for the common good. Noojin sings Woody's songs of the working man with heartache and hope. The audience joined in song and were transported in boxcars on railways across America... full review
ROBERT FINK June 27, 2014
A well-acted, well-sung, well-played impersonation of that 100% American, Woodie Guthrie. I went in to this one-man show as an aficionado of American folk music, and a music historian who often teaches about Woodie Guthrie, folk music, and the American Left. The show is a beautiful piece of living history, woven pretty seamlessly from jokes, anecdotes, and some of Guthrie's most famous and moving songs. Guthrie was an artist before he was a folk singer, and the story of his life (as told to an imaginary audience at a union hall sometime about 1940) is illustrated by his own wonderfully free sketches, historic photos, and some shocking video of the 1% getting its way during the Depression. Just like the real Guthrie, Noojin wants you to... full review
Dynamite! This really captures the dust bowl times with the good old lefty Woody Guthrie. Written and performed as a one man show, talent oozes from Mr. Noojin's persona, no flaws here, as he deftly leads us throught the cultureal times of Woody Guthre, songster, hobo, advocate for fair work and justice. Wonderful visual images of Woody's era highlight the music that so affected a generation at a time not too different from our own. A beautifully crafted show, DO see this one! ... full review
MARSHALL HARVEY certified reviewer June 21, 2014
What a fantastic and mesmerizing performance by Randy Noojin! He really channels Guthrie in speech and in song. There is a lot of insightful humor and moments of touching humanity, as well as Woody's wonderful songs that Noojin delivers with gusto and encourages the audience to sing along. The constant visuals behind him that beautifully illustrate Guthrie's stories are an added plus, showing us newsreel footage of the time and Woody's original drawings that were made "on the road." The one man show is set in a union meeting like hundreds that Guthrie performed at during the 1930's Depression and his message is as relevant today as it was then. Enlightening, Entertaining, Inspiring. I would highly recommend this show not only for... full review
If you have any interest in Americana or folk music or even Bob Dylan, this is the show for you. Randy Noojin is a terrific performer and has created a great show about Woody Guthrie, touching upon the personal history of the singer-songwriter but also what was happening politically in America at the time. And it even has jokes! Of course, I grew up with the song This Land Is Your Land but Woody Guthrie's songbook is much more interesting and multifaceted than that. I especially loved Bound For Glory. Also if you have any interest in California history, this is a great show to see since Guthrie traveled to CA and Noojin touches upon that part of the history as well. Well-written and incredibly well-performed!... full review
PAUL F. PERRY June 22, 2014
The first show I caught at the Fringe this year, and it's set the bar so high, it's hard to see how it's going to be topped. Randy Noojin's recreation of a Woody Guthrie singing, joking and storytelling to a mine worker's union meeting is a first-class achievement in character acting and folk musicianship. It's easy to see that the performer has spent years touring and perfecting this act, which of course fits the material of the hard-traveling man of the people bringing his message to what we'd call the "99%" today. Noojin's Guthrie is polished, but in the best way. He comes across authentic, textured and alive, and the performer/musician's hard, strong voice and skilled, rich guitar accompaniment put the songs across--the standards I k... full review
Definitely worth checking out! Wonderful music that swept me away!... full review
KENNETH SWINDLE certified reviewer June 29, 2014
One of the best shows i have seen would go see it again hope he comes again next time.... full review
ERIC PUUMALA certified reviewer June 29, 2014
An amazing show, entertaining from start to finish. I have never had the time pass faster, and been more sorry it was over. Thank you!... full review
JOHN FORNEY certified reviewer June 30, 2014
My wife and I were very moved by the heartfelt portrayal of the folks Woody (Randy Noojin) sang about. Randy's portrayal of Woody was genuine and professionally reenacted. I would advise any who want to get an emotional feel of the sufferning and hope the Dustbowl caused to catch this show. This is a performance that should be in every high school, college, church and union hall. Its byword is that of Cesar Chavez: "Don't mourn. Organize."... full review

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