Hamlet Max

ensemble theatre · central city productions · Ages 12+ · United States

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June 16, 2014 original article

My overall impression

Encapsulated Review (full review at Bitter Lemons):

HAMLET MAX may be co-presented by Schkapf and Sacred Fools Theater, but this is Jacob Sidney’s project all the way. He not only has adapted the material from Shakespeare’s Hamlet but also serves as producer, director, and lead actor. HAMLET MAX’s visual presentation is the most unique quality of this production. Using projections of original artwork by Hillary Bauman (which were then subtlety animated by Chris Hutchings), Sidney turns the entire play into a living graphic novel. Those not already intimately familiar with the original material may find this adapted version tougher going, however. Even more problematic is the tendency for some of the actors, particularly Sidney, to shout as the dramatic tension rises. The Bard is nothing if not his words but the shouting, combined with the acoustically-live cinder block walls of the theater, muddles the iambs, particularly during key scenes. This sort of thing begs the question “Where was the director during rehearsals?” only to realize that, alas, he was there onstage the entire time.

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