Death By PowerPoint

comedy · zappictures · Ages 14+ · United States

world premiere
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MAURICE HEALD certified reviewer June 09, 2014
“Death by PowerPoint” delivers remarkably good theater. The new comedy fully crafted by James Robinson establishes a premise, engages the audience with entertaining notions, then through unexpected twists, challenges conventional thinking and forces a reset of the mind. In what we come to believe are highly practiced speeches offered competitively at a presenters conference, four winsome characters offer life lessons gleaned either from their own experience or from 20 minutes with Wikipedia. Ah, but there are actually six players in the room: the four actors, the audience they are addressing, and their collective PowerPoint presentations projected on a massive screen that backdrops two-thirds of the stage. The latter might be thought of... full review
KATHERINE DIAZ certified reviewer June 27, 2014
What a delightful way to spend an evening. Mr. Robinson's writing is witty and refreshing. Each member of the cast excels in engaging the audience, no matter how zany their assigned subject matter; I found myself hanging on every word. Laughter and inevitable self-reflection were both flawlessly evoked throughout the wonderfully charming spectacle. Congratulations on an absolutely fantastic production. As it is double cast, I will most certainly catch another performance to watch the other actors, who will undoubtedly deliver equally intriguing interpretations. Thank you to the exceptional cast and crew ~ I truly enjoyed your show. ... full review
ESTHER MIRA certified reviewer June 27, 2014
Death By PowerPoint is fantastic! Brilliantly written with extremely talented actors and great direction, it's a fast-paced, in your face (in a good way!) production. Set up as a competition between four finalists, I never knew quite what to expect next, but I enjoyed every minute of it. There are some really funny parts, but it's actually overall a very thought-provoking piece. You have three chances left to see this clever show, don't miss out! ... full review
STEPHEN MASON certified reviewer June 22, 2014
Death by PowerPoint was just tremendous. The writing, the acting and, yes, the PowerPoint slides, were all superb. The four narratives raise issues of first importance with which any thinking person must, on some level, struggle from day to day. That this is accomplished with humor makes the whole thing all that more enjoyable an experience. And, oh, by the way, it's so nice to see the enormity of Stalin's crimes of communism put into perspective in such a venue. Bravo! I want to see it again. Stephen Mason... full review
KEVIN MILLER certified reviewer June 22, 2014
Don't miss this show! Funny, thought-provoking, and written with wit and heart, DEATH BY POWERPOINT is a professionally-crafted gem loaded with entertainment. If you're of fan of shows like THE NEWSROOM or BOSTON LEGAL, you'll enjoy the tight, clever writing with a strong point-of-view. And, just like Sorkin and Kelley, this writer isn't content to just play with words. He also plays with real emotion and universal issues. The cast is wonderful and the ending will leave you breathless. Go see DEATH BY POWERPOINT.... full review
RICHARD GRAVES certified reviewer June 08, 2014
Intelligent and funny! An inside look at a competition between four hard-driving, ambitious, manipulative, cynical, motivational thinkers, vying to win a head-to-head contest against one another. They must convince the audience - and the unseen judges who score the individual efforts - that theirs is the most compelling and "inspirational" presentation. The cast is terrific! Well written and insightful. Highly recommend!... full review
MARC WHITMORE certified reviewer June 09, 2014
Funny, well-acted, well-written, fast-paced romp! I think that's enough hyphenated descriptions...but it's probably not enough to cover all the wonderful elements of this classy, polished production. James Robinson has written a play that, on it's face, is a competition between four Type A personalities who are vying for top prize in a Ted-like environment. As funny as the play is on it's surface, we wonder if these contenders aren't masking a bevy of insecurities beneath. This multi-layered presentation gives us lots to laugh about, but much to think about as well.... full review
JOANNA SYIEK certified reviewer June 09, 2014
Smart writing and really good hour of thoughtful TED-style presentations. You'll leave wondering what other cherished beliefs that you might have deserve some skewering. ... full review
CHARLINE SU certified reviewer June 09, 2014
A fantastic production with an extremely clever, well crafted script brought to life by four outstanding actors. Witty, polished, energetic and above all, very entertaining, Death By Powerpoint is one of those rare scripts that leave you with a lot to think about while making you laugh loud and long.... full review
BENNY LUMPKINS certified reviewer June 28, 2014
I hate board meetings and power points. Although the acting was excellent After the first PowerPoint presentation you get it. Not a fan of this show but you may love it.... full review