Boss: The Untold Tony Danza Story

comedy · three rivers theatre company · United States

world premiere
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CHARLES COMEDY certified reviewer June 23, 2014
tagged as: absurd · tony danza · Sitcom · 1980s · pop culture · satire · epic
"Boss: The Untold Tony Danza Story" is an utterly absurd, completely hilarious reimagining of Tony Danza's rise, fall, and rise from his "Taxi" days through to his mid-80s reign as America's Sweetheart. The development of "Who's the Boss" is here portrayed not as a formulaic and pedestrian network programming decision, but as an epic struggle of good and evil, of temptation and redemption, of overcoming the odds and believing in yourself. The show works on several levels, simultaneously lampooning and celebrating the very popular culture "Boss" takes as its subject. If you are even vaguely aware of Tony Danza you should see this show.... full review
ABBY SCHACHNER certified reviewer June 15, 2014
tagged as: meghan parks!
i thought tony danza was very tony danza-ish... and I'm a huge meghan parks fan, so I was very happy with Judith Light! nice cast, good show... next time, a little more mona. Come on! It's Mona!... full review
SUSAN SASSI uncertified reviewer June 14, 2014
tagged as: comedy
If you are a fan of "Whose the Boss?" you are going to love this show! Spot on impressions and hilarious references! Such a fun show! I highly recommend it!... full review
PETE ZIAS certified reviewer June 14, 2014
The Boss is hilarious, smart and so much fun! I wish this was the real story of Tony Danza! Direction was on point. Writing was smart. The actors are all funny and fun to watch! One of my favorites at Fringe!... full review
SEAN BORING certified reviewer June 14, 2014
Boss: The Untold Tony Danza Story is a fun night at the theatre! The humor is very playful and tongue in cheek performed by a talented and willing cast. The references to 80s/90s sitcoms are awesome and it's fun how they are incorporated both subtly and obviously throughout the show. If you're looking for some absurdist humor that is told and performed in winning fashion, check out this play!... full review
DESIRE DESTEFANO certified reviewer June 14, 2014
Boss: The Untold Tony Danza Story was infectiously charming and nostalgically delightful! That was the laugh I needed! Love!... full review
MATT RITCHEY certified reviewer June 15, 2014
SUPER fun show!! If you're a fan of 1980's TV at ALL, you need to see this! Tony and Judith are showstoppers and Danny and Alyssa are just fantastic! Lots of fast-paced pop culture humor, throwback comedy, and a super-funny twist! See BOSS before it sells out!!!... full review
VINCENT GOMEZ certified reviewer June 15, 2014
Great show! I really enjoyed it! Very, very funny! :-P... full review
AMICA HUNTER uncertified reviewer June 15, 2014
tagged as: fun · high energy
So much fun! High energy, fast paced, and snappy - it was like watching a sitcom...about a sitcom! Lots of energy, plenty of humor, and a great cast. I loved the interrogation scenes, and Damien sure plays a mean Tony Danza! Definitely a worth while way to spend your 45 minutes.... full review
DAVID CANTOR uncertified reviewer June 15, 2014
Super fun show, full of zingers and antiquated pop culture references. The character acting in this show carefully balances satire and authenticity. The audience was rolling in their seats. Of all the shows at the Fringe, this is not one to miss.... full review