Belli Gemelli: An Opera Sitcom

musicals and operas · the glorious act that we do · Ages 10+ · United States

family friendly world premiere
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JOSEPH MCMAHON certified reviewer June 06, 2014
I bought a ticket to this based off of the premise--a cheesy sitcom given the operatic treatment seemed like a recipe for success, but sadly it didn't translate to stage particularly well. While all the actors had excellent voices, the sitcom portion of the show seemed rather slapdash and the commercials felt shoehorned in and overly long (I'm guessing they took up about a third to almost half of the show). They were somewhat amusing though. Also note that if you're going to see the show, be sure to sit further back and/or to the sides, otherwise you will run the risk of having the supertitles being blocked by the actors. ... full review
JAEGER CHRISTIAN certified reviewer June 14, 2014
tagged as: comedy
OMG, hilarious! Absolutely loved it, a real piece of comic ingenuity. ... full review
BENNY LUMPKINS certified reviewer June 14, 2014
tagged as: comedy · funny · opera · amazing
Brilliance ensues in this comedy from the directing team of Kara Morgan and Heidi Tungseth. I can not say enough things about the brilliance of this show. Belli Gemelli was witty, smart, funny, and genius. With the vocal talents of Jon Steinmeier and Timmy Morgan and also the directing duo, this opera sitcom was truly one of the best theatrical things I have ever seen. RUN, as fast as you can to have a side splitting hardy har har good time.... full review
ERIK BARNES certified reviewer June 15, 2014
This show is perfect for folks that want a combination of great comedy and night out at the opera without all the snobbish pretension. Belli Gemelli provides a lovely singing performance (in Italian, no less) while playing with the tropes of network sitcoms straight out of TV Land. The English subtitles as the performers sing help the audience follow the story along with providing additional jokes and gags. Solid humor, great singing, laugh-out-loud "commercial breaks," and excellent stunt-flute playing add up to a quality hour of entertainment.... full review
RYUKO OZAWA certified reviewer June 15, 2014
tagged as: Belli Gemelli
Belli Gemelli was very funny and entertaining! The cast covers all the great, classic ballads in this opera sit-com! This is a must see! ... full review
SUSAN SASSI uncertified reviewer June 06, 2014
tagged as: opera · aria · Sketch Comedy · silly · fun · Sitcom · musical · comedy
Belli Gemelli was great! It's an 80's sitcom sung operatically in Italian, to the tunes of famous arias and famous 80's pop ballads, complete with sketch comedy commercial breaks, amazing harmonies and flute playing! The concept was fun and unique. Most of all, I'm impressed with the talent of this production. The nature of the show requires they be opera singers, musicians, and sketch comedians. It's quit a range of talent! If you enjoy either opera, the 80's, sketch comedy, or anything silly this show is for you! ... full review
BONNIE SLUDIKOFF uncertified reviewer June 07, 2014
tagged as: fun · funny · hilarious · 80s · parodies · harmony
HILARIOUSLY funny- I'm partial to the first commercial break, but you decide what your favorite part is! It's great to see a *SMART* comedy- well written and expertly conceived--Belli Gemelli is a clever musical jaunt through a magical intertwined world of opera and sitcoms. Lovely harmonies- beautiful voices and excellent comedic timing. SO fun. ... full review
FELICIA BERTCH certified reviewer June 07, 2014
Belli Gemelli was absolutely ludicrous while making perfect sense! The cast was impressively talented, both in their comedic timing and their musical capacity. Think Sid Caesar meets 1980's sitcom meets soap opera at the Met. And it's all performed effortlessly. Bravo and twin thumbs up!... full review
STEVEN VLASAK uncertified reviewer June 07, 2014
There's a lot to love about this wacky show, not the least of which is the discovery of Heidi Tungseth and Kara Morgan, who comprise "The Glorious Act That We do" and who wrote, filmed, sing (in Italian), dance, play flute (sometimes each other's in unison - impressive and hilarious) and are generally fearless in doing whatever it takes to populate and sell this delirious concept: a late 80's sitcom sung as an Italian opera with projected English subtitles and commercial breaks, composed of opera's greatest melodies with new lyrics; And then for no reason, other than a Seth MacFarlane sort of non sequitur, it all switches in the second half to 80's power-rock anthems, also repurposed with new Italian lyrics. If you love OR hate any of the fo... full review
CHRIS HALL uncertified reviewer June 08, 2014
If you're in the mood for a laugh out loud, nostalgic look at world of 1980's sitcoms though the lens of Italian opera (and who isn't?), then Belli Gemelli is just the ticket! This is comic pastiche at its best, and this troupe of extremely talented actors blends some excellent comic timing, with some exceptionally STRONG vocal talents to create a zany comedy that could quite possibly leave you peeing your pants with laughter at the end of the night. A mix of vaudeville musical numbers, operatic narrative, and even some 21st century multimedia interactivity on stage, this is definitely a performance that blends the old and the new to create something absolutely unique, that I guarantee you haven't seen before. Definitely recommend giving it ... full review