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Scooter Thomas Makes It to the Top of the World

ensemble theatre · kevin a shipp · United States

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LAURIE BAUMAN June 16, 2014
"Scooter Thomas Makes it to the Top of the World", a two-man show, chronicling the lives of Scooter and his best friend, Dennis, on the day of Scooter's funeral, tracing their friendship from their early days of boyhood until the time when, as childhood friendships sometimes do, they drift apart. It grabbed me from the opening line until the very end. It brims with humor, heart, and great insights into the ups and downs of childhood friendships and foibles. This is an actor's play and the actors? Boy, do they deliver!!! Dylan Arnold (Dennis) moves effortlessly from one character to the next in this memory play about his best friend, Scooter. And David Gow (Scooter) entirely embraces his untethered character. The chemistry between the two is ... full review
Scooter Thomas was my first Fringe show! It's a wonderfully-acted and directed fast-paced two man med-dark comedy about childhood friends who drifted apart, are now in their 20s, and revisit some of their more memorable moments in order to appreciate and honor what they had, why they lost touch, and confess a few lies and truths along the way. The show succeeds brilliantly. Dylan Arnold and David Gow give incredible performances navigating their characters through dozens of vignettes. The success of Kevin Shipp's direction is evident in the pacing and the lack of a single false note. See this show!... full review
GREGORY CRAFTS June 29, 2014
An awesome two-hander about friendship and loss. Bring a box of tissues. This one hit me right in the feels. I *loved* it. Bravo. ... full review
DAVID THOMAS June 20, 2014
tagged as: intense · gripping · A Must See!
I had never heard of this play, and I find it amazing that it has not been produced more often -- because it is a very intense and captivating story. The play is a "look-back" of a lifetime of conversations and experiences of two boys. It is almost a series of vignettes of the human condition: the ups and downs of life, missed opportunities to communicate, broken relationships... yet at the same time a compelling portrait of a bond between lifelong childhood friends. There are only characters in the play, Scooter Thomas and his friend. The actors do a really good job, as the roles require them to reset their age, settings, and life moments -- almost continously, with no breaks. Keep any eye on the two actors, David Gow and Dylan ... full review
SARAH BRES June 20, 2014
tagged as: GO!
I love this show! Will likely go back. The two actors are amazing. I sat in the front row, and could feel their passion. Go, go, go! This one is really, really special... full review
WESLEY LAWSON June 20, 2014
tagged as: Thumbs UP!
Scooter is a really good show, well acted and directed. I give it a five star rating. In my opinion, the two actors, David Gow and Dylan Arnold, are some of the best on the Fringe. I give it a big "thumbs up." ... full review
BOB WESLEY June 20, 2014
tagged as: thought-provoking
A show like this... for free? A no-brainer! My goodness, I have spent a lot of money going to theatre, movies, etc. This show is more entertaining, deeper and richer than any alternative you may have this Saturday night. The two actors are head-turners... you really need to see them before they hit the big lights. The story grabs your attention and never lets go. It is deep and thought-provoking. I may even go back. ... full review
ALEX LARSON June 20, 2014
tagged as: best of fringe
I usually only go to comedies... This is no comedy, but it had me on the edge of my seat the entire show. KUDOS to the acting and directing. I try to make it every night to the Fringe, and will see a good majority of the shows. This is one of the best. ... full review
LUCY STEVENS June 20, 2014
tagged as: WOW · Special Good acting
All I can say is "WOW" I smiled, I cried, I loved this show. The two actors (don't remember their names) are amazing. I would strongly encourage you to go see this before the Fringe ends.... full review
AUDREY GOW June 20, 2014
We absolutely loved Scooter Thomas Makes it to The Top of The World! I cried, I laughed, and then I remembered several people in my life just like Scooter because the actors did such an amazing job. David Gow and Dylan Arnold were so real, so believable in their characters that I felt like I was right in the middle of those awkward Middle School gym classes! The sheer joy that you see when they are young friends playing together is wonderful, and then they do such a fantastic job of moving the relationship though life in a way that is so genuine your heart is torn for them during their painful experiences. Gow and Arnold are so good that I cared deeply for the characters immediately. As the characters struggle to communicate and drift apart... full review

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