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CAITLIN HART certified reviewer June 27, 2014
YOU WON'T BE RAPTURED BUT ITS NOT A NIGHT IN HELL ***This review first appeared on www.thechamberpot.org*** Pastor Malachi (Al Rahn) usurps the pulpit from his mentor, Jedediah, in RAPTURE, a silly Sunday morning “church” service that pokes fun at sin with poppy, enjoyable songs like “Sinners, Every One”. While stumbling through the devotion, Malachi’s ex-girlfriend and Jedediah’s daughter, Rebecca, pops up from the congregation (aka the audience) and reveals she’s broken Malachi’s heart by suddenly abandoning him for Guatemalan mission work. Later, we learn of Malachi’s “troubled past” and the horror of hypocrite pastor Jedediah. Will Rebecca and Malachi find forgiveness as the raging waters of their past threaten to sweep them away? Da... full review