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ANDREW WAHLQUIST certified reviewer June 23, 2014
Epic! ... full review
CHERYL LOVEJOY certified reviewer June 08, 2014
A great surprise. My expectations were moderate but my experience was outstanding! The music, the writing, the star - Humorous and satirical but ultimately heartwarming and uplifting. I hope this show gets the opportunity to be seen by those who can provide greater opportunities for these talented newcomers. Bravo. ... full review
ANANDA DILLON certified reviewer June 24, 2014
This show was so much fun! An amazing performance from lead Al Rahn who carries the entire thing with a sustained energy that is really remarkable. The music was incredibly well produced if potentially overpowering for a one act show and just proves this baby could easily grow into a full-fledged musical. Ben Stanton and Dan Frey have serious talent, like seriously. The jokes are hilarious and unassuming, with a slight edge. And while shifting moods in one act plays can often seem jolting due to the shortened time, Rapture navigates itself into dark territory with a slowly building tension that gives us a satisfying release in its tender, yet funny ending. This musical pokes fun at its religious setting while never condemning it, showcasi... full review
FRANCISCO BRACHO certified reviewer June 09, 2014
The sermon isa backdrop for a boy lost girl story. While it pokes fun at sin, it leaves religion unscathed. The singing is enchanting in the cozy space. The comedy keeps it light despite the heavy nexus of the play. ... full review
KEVIN OESER certified reviewer June 09, 2014
You should definitely add Rapture to your Fringe calendar. it's at once very Fringe-y and very new and surprising. The less you know going in the better, just know it's anchored by a tremendous lead performance and some genuinely rousing, foot-tapping tunes. The fun of the play is being taken along for a funny and often poignant ride with the aforementioned and not knowing where it will lead. I enjoyed it start to finish. ... full review
EVAN BREELAND certified reviewer June 17, 2014
tagged as: poignant · Sublime
Frey's dialogue and pacing are both captivating and poignant, and Stanton's accompaniment Stanton is sublime. Truly a fantastic production. ... full review
SEAN BORING certified reviewer June 11, 2014
Rapture was a great hour of theatre. The acting performances were great, with the male lead as a standout. His perfoamce was a tour de force; much like the play he was deftly able to strike an organic balance between brevity and light. The music was fun and engaging and the audience participation was a nice touch. Definitely worth seeing!!... full review
CAITLIN HART certified reviewer June 27, 2014
YOU WON'T BE RAPTURED BUT ITS NOT A NIGHT IN HELL ***This review first appeared on www.thechamberpot.org*** Pastor Malachi (Al Rahn) usurps the pulpit from his mentor, Jedediah, in RAPTURE, a silly Sunday morning “church” service that pokes fun at sin with poppy, enjoyable songs like “Sinners, Every One”. While stumbling through the devotion, Malachi’s ex-girlfriend and Jedediah’s daughter, Rebecca, pops up from the congregation (aka the audience) and reveals she’s broken Malachi’s heart by suddenly abandoning him for Guatemalan mission work. Later, we learn of Malachi’s “troubled past” and the horror of hypocrite pastor Jedediah. Will Rebecca and Malachi find forgiveness as the raging waters of their past threaten to sweep them away? Da... full review
COURTNEY BURGAN certified reviewer June 13, 2014
I expected great music, great acting, and a humorous criticism of the church. Expectations met. What I didn't expect, was a story-line about forgiveness, redemption and faith. It's much harder these days to produce a show that can both acknowledge the flaws of a religious institution while also reminding the audience about the purpose that religion was actually meant to serve. Further, setting the show within an actual service allowed for the most seamless audience participation I've ever encountered, and created a device in which telling a story through song could only be successful. My already high expectations were completely surpassed. Kudos!!! (PS, I've already got my tickets for two more shows - you don't want to miss this!)... full review
SCARLET BIBERSTEIN certified reviewer June 15, 2014
tagged as: funny · brilliant · poignant · endearing · surprising
With such a simple set up and cast you might not expect much from this show but plan on leaving surprised with just how much you end up leaving with... Dan and Ben have done a marvelous job of integrating a catchy and versatile score with brilliantly comedic and poignant moments that will truly enrapture your soul. Don't be afraid to jump right in to this interactive and highly energetic, thoughtful and pointed musical comedy. You will not be disappointed! The vocal and musical talents displayed by Al and Thia are excellent and should not be missed!... full review