Forced Conviction

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world premiere
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ERIK ENGMAN certified reviewer June 15, 2014
Outside at night. Chilly breeze. People walking by, staring. Cars and, occasionally helicopters, passing by. This is the setting where a group of audience watch two homeless people talk about their lives outside a darkened theater. The acting is powerful and sad. It's free - though they take donations and / or socks that they donate to the homeless. Well worth your time. ... full review
REBECCA HOLLAND uncertified reviewer June 15, 2014
This play is not your usual "production". First and foremost, they do not use a traditional stage. Please don't let that scare you! Let it entice you into a new and "real" live "street" play. It seemed a bit odd to me at first to stand (or sit on a bench if you like) and watch a performance, but within just a few minutes of this play starting, I was engrossed. The female "Sue" played by Caitlin Carleton opens the show by yelling at her partner "Tom" and thus begins their "conversation".I apologize for the over use of quotation marks, but I am left with no choice! I don t want to give anything away, but I do want to commend the actors. "Tom" is played by the ever enigmatic Christian Calloway. He is most recognized as being "I am Hollywood H... full review
LISA DINKINS uncertified reviewer June 28, 2014
tagged as: thoughtful · provocative · immersive · moving · Free
What a wonderful FREE theatrical experience last night! Such brutally honest performances and brave production values bringing awareness to the PEOPLE that are homeless. I learned so much, and being a "part" of the play was a brilliant piece of staging. The writing was thought provoking and the acting superb. The stage was a city street, with the before and post show music provided by a wandering troubadour. Very creative. Listening to the sounds of the city which the actors handily overcame while the public shuffled by really brought the play home. And one monologue by Tom opened my eyes to the interior dialogue that those who have committed crimes may have, which allows them to do what they do. Kudos to the Director, producers & crew... full review
DAVID HAVERTY uncertified reviewer June 17, 2014
tagged as: natural · poetic · surreal · refreshing · Engaging
I don't want to give anything away so I will try and give my recommendation for this show but still allow you to have no expectations. It is simply brilliant. The natural/chaotic/poetic/sympathetic/surreal writing and delivery of this play was so refreshing. I could have seen this filmed into a beautiful short film but what was so fabulous was the use of the random and REAL surroundings. Simply the feeling you have by sitting in public being viewed by passerbys just as the characters are will give you an experience worth remembering... I can't say much more except Christian gave me chills and Caitlin gave me a lump in my throat. It will remind you of a few things you may be feeling in your own life even though you may not be living on the st... full review
J WARNER uncertified reviewer June 29, 2014
This show IS the spirit of the Fringe. It's the only show that starts off with fewer audience members than it ends up with, because it's environmental Guerilla theater at its best. If not for the crowd gathered around, any random passersby would easily be fooled into believing that what they're seeing is a real, everyday occurrence -- one of my favorite theater feats. The actors give brave, emotional performances and integrate eandom street and aircraft sounds into the action quite well. What's more, any money donated to the show goes to charity. Huzzah for Travis and his team -- I look forward to seeing where this goes!... full review
STACIE ONEIL uncertified reviewer June 19, 2014
I saw this show last Saturday and am planning to return this weekend with others in tow. I wasn't sure what to expect as I walked onto the street and found two homeless people covered by newspaper in their "box". What a moving show! I was brought to tears as sue and Tom shared their struggles. My heart felt for their desperation to complete the puzzle of life. The music was outstanding. Can't wait to see it again! Great writing and acting. ... full review
JOEY ONEIL uncertified reviewer June 19, 2014
This was like nothing I've seen before. We stood outside in front of a theatre and were transported into a life of homelessness. I had a hard time believing these two were really acting until they began sharing their stories with us. Such a realistic and heart wrenching show. I'm so glad they were donating to the b love foundation because after watching this production, you'll wish there was something you could do to help.... full review
LILY BURICKSON uncertified reviewer June 22, 2014
This was a voice i had not ever heard before. the play really showed how you can fall out of society it was not exactly enjoyable but unnerving. i really enjoyed christian calloway and his gentle giant, caitlin was physically perfect really loud(maybe too loud), the street performer was hard to hear but the story was a perfect retelling of many street peoples' lives I THINK ITS A GREAT ASSET TO SOCIETY... full review