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A Prayer for the Infidel

ensemble theatre · kaleidoscope productions · Ages 13+ · world premiere · United States

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It’s 1968. While a nation re-examines its beliefs and morality, so does its people. The fight for civil rights intensifies in the Southern United States, but a different type of revolution is brewing in San Francisco. Hippies, Black Panthers, Jesus Freaks, Intellectuals, civil rights activists, adherents to Eastern Religions, and some of the best musicians of our time, converge in the city’s Haight-Ashbury District, the mecca of Counterculture Movement. Here, everything goes as long as it’s a change from the Old Guard and has nothing to do with The Man!

Set against the backdrop of one Black Panther, Huey Newton’s murder trial and turbulent university protests bent on racial and education equality, A Prayer for the Infidel explores the passions, sacrifices and broken dreams of those called to a life of revolution: Lazaro,who gave up the family tradition of drumming to become a Fidel Castro freedom fighter, Clio, a disillusioned ex-civil rights worker, Zeke a militant Black Panther and the good-natured Digger and social activist, Galahad. Who will stay on the path? Who will leave it all behind?

production team

kimba henderson *
bernadette speakes *

* Fringe Veteran

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