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Generation ME the Musical

musicals and operas · flying monkey productions · Ages 13+ · world premiere · United States

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CONNIE CACANINDIN certified reviewer June 28, 2014
I was not prepared for this. I am not crying, ignore the painful swelling around my eyes. I identified with every single one of these characters--knew them even, in the people I had the pleasure of seeing every day for the last 4+ years. I understood every line, every word they choked back. If I were to describe this play, I would say it was like when you had the perfect word on the tip of your tongue, and someone else says the word, and your mind is suddenly illuminated with the knowledge that yes, that was exactly the word you were looking for and you felt you knew it all along. Beautiful, raw, true, real, and painful are word for this musical.... full review
JIM MARTYKA certified reviewer June 21, 2014
This is simply an amazing show! SEE IT!!! Truly one of the best I've seen this year. The cast, writing, direction, singing, energy, everything is incredible. Takes you on a crazy roller coaster of laughter, tears, anger and most of all, reflection. I've been thinking a ton about my high school days since seeing it. A fellow patron said immediately after that every high school kid in the country should see this show. I agree and I feel like every adult should as well. Congratulations you guys! I'm proud to have met all of you and amazed at what you've done here!... full review
KATHLEEN WELLS certified reviewer June 09, 2014
Refreshing to see a fresh, brave new piece of theater. Clever book, loved the music, and impressed with the talented youth cast!... full review
HOWARD MAHAN certified reviewer June 29, 2014
As a high school teacher of 28 years, I can say, without hesitation, that this a play that every teen should see. Great music, clever writing and a great mix of humor to go with the struggles of teen life.... full review
CYNTHIA BARO certified reviewer June 29, 2014
This was the second time for me to see the show, and thought it was even better than the first time! Without the distraction of mics, I was able to appreciate the beautiful voices of these young actors. Such a touching story line and I believe the writing about this generation is spot-on. ... full review
NICHOLE JACKSON certified reviewer June 29, 2014
This show was blew away my expectations! To think such a heartfelt show full of real life, dark issues could be so realistically portrayed by these kids was astounding. Every character was so honest and unique. Not to mention the music was fantastic, I eagerly bought one was soon as I heard they were for sale! I really recommend this show. Its a show I can absolutely see on Broadway and I would go back and see it again and again if I could.... full review
MARCY STRAUSS certified reviewer June 20, 2014
Wonderful story, great writing, great cast. An important story which perfectly captured youth and high school. I was extremely impressed with all aspects of the show. Sometimes the music was louder than the songs, which made it at times hard to hear the words, but overall great show!!... full review