Gracie and Rose

solo performance · stars align · Ages 16+ · United States

one person show world premiere

NEWS: GnR are honored to be one of the fabulous shows awarded “Best of Fringe extension”. See our last show on July 24TH!

*Out of 45 solo shows in 2013 Fringe, peers nominated us for the top 5 in Solo Show Category. Much appreciation!

“This is what theatre is meant to do.”
-Sheana Ochoa, SLAM

“Gracie and Rose” is a solo play with multiple characters written and performed by Anastasia Coon. Gracie and Rose are two women who fall in love in Wyoming in the late 1950’s. Gracie has been passing as a man, George, for some time, in order to do men’s work and live the way she feels most authentic.

They build a life together – hidden in love, while living in plain sight. As they contend with the intense demands of the land, the animals, and running a ranch, Rose wants to have a baby… with George.

This piece unpacks pre-Stonewall queer history in the American West, the deep human longing to live authentically despite being rendered invisible, gender performance in a butch/femme tradition, the body as landscape for desire, and the violence and redemption of breaking and making family.

This story is told in a physical theatre aesthetic harnessing the rich legacy of devising work through the movement-based actor training that I teach: Commedia Dell’Arte, Mask making and performance, Melodrama, Viewpoints, and the work of Le Coq, Grotwoski and Laban.

What audiences love about this piece is the power of transformation they get to experience – a chair becomes a pig, a ladder is a wild horse, and a rope will save your hide or punish your spirit.
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