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Mid Life Gangster-redemption song

solo performance · street chameleon productions · Ages 15+ · world premiere · one person show · United States

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In this one-man show Evan “Bullet” James shares his arduous journey from dying a cocaine death in a gas station bathroom to redemption with a purpose – “No matter how far down the scale in life I have gone…I now see how those experiences may benefit others”.
Bullet narrates and dramatizes his turbulent, insane, hilarious, heart wrenching journey from a broken home to star athlete to being enticed to run with street gangs which led him to a life of wasted potential and ultimately drug addiction, jails, institutions, homelessness and eventually trying to commit suicide.
On a rainy night, Oct 26, 1987…Bullet thankfully had a moment of clarity, as he was trying to end his life in a gas station bathroom by over dosing on cocaine and then blindly walking into traffic…Bullet was miraculously led in a different direction to a church where a 12 step meeting was taking place….from that point forward Bullet he has never looked back….. Presently Bullet has 25 years clean & sober and is recognized as one of the most well known…. yet controversial extreme drug addiction treatment specialists in the world.

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