evan "bullet" james

Evan “Bullet” James – Extreme Drug Interventionist, Motivational Speaker, Actor, Writer, Director: World renowned pioneer of his trademarked Extreme Drug Intervention Model. Evan is well-known and highly sought out as a Motivational Speaker. Evan is currently (2013 ) working on his new reality TV series about the unique dangerous work he does in the field of addiction entitled “The Extractor” with Artist to Artist Management company. Evan’s feature film credits include The Karate Kid II & III, Hard to Kill, and Webber’s 15 Minutes. Evan co-starred opposite Brian Bosworth in “Stone Cold” and co-starred with Dolph Lundgren in “Pentathlon”. Additionally, Evan co-wrote and starred along with Tobey Maguire in the award winning play “Thanksgiving Cries” at the Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles. Thanksgiving Cries was a collaboration with Evan’s Emmy Award winning Father and Film Director, the late, Bruce Malmuth (Night Hawks & Hard to Kill). Evan currently (2013) has an independent feature film that he wrote, stars in, and co-directed with Teddy Grouya entitled “Mid Life Gangster” poised for distribution. Evan is also performing in Los Angeles(Spring-Summer 2013) his raw and original one man play “Mid Life Gangster-redemption song” which Evan dramatizes his journey from growing up in Spanish Harlem and a living a life of drug addiction and crime to a miraculous path into the world of recovery (Evan is more than 25 years clean and sober).