One Drop of Love

solo performance · csula goes to the fringe · Ages 16+ · United States

one person show
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JACK ZHU certified reviewer June 21, 2013
Very nice show!... full review
WHITNEY TENNEY certified reviewer June 28, 2013
Beautiful, powerful, fearless storytelling paired with a complex and layered portrayal of multiple "characters" amount to a brilliant and energetic performance by Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni. With smart and specific directorial choices, and a subject matter that is as universal as it is personal, this was an unforgettable theatrical experience.... full review
JEKYNS PELAEZ certified reviewer June 24, 2013
I am glad I came to see this. A true quest in finding who we are. Bravo Fanshen. ... full review
ROCKY LANE certified reviewer June 29, 2013
An extremely moving evening of storytelling by Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni. Her skills as an actor are superb, gliding effortlessly from character to character in this deeply personal portrayal of identity acceptance. It is such a human experience to question who we are and how we move forward living full and rich lives. The backdrop of this piece, a school setting, allows for this piece to be very informative and reaches a level of understanding of the complexity of the identity confusion that she is forced to deal with as society judges her, it also works well for audience latecomers... It is Love that heals; that is the universal truth and message that she so skillfully iterates. Absolutely a must see in my opinion. ... full review
ANGELA NISSEL certified reviewer June 30, 2013
Wow. Hollywood spends millions on movies and they couldn't bring me from folded over laughter to tears as easily as Fanshen did. She's engaging with the audience, honest (not easy to get on stage and talk about being assaulted and airlifted out of West Africa then months of mental therapy in an attempt to connect with your blackness.) One Drop conquers racial issues with honesty and an open heart. Anyone who has ever felt out of place...or had a really crazy (but loving) family will really enjoy this. If I didn't catch the last show :( I'd see it at least one more time!! ... full review
BARRY GORDON certified reviewer July 01, 2013
The purpose of a review is to get people to go see the show and, unfortunately, One Drop of Love closed last night. But if you ever get the chance to see this extraordinary piece performed brilliantly by its writer, Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni, DO NOT MISS IT. Ms. DiGiovanni's story manages to be deeply personal and universal at the same time -- no easy feat. While the story deals with issues of race, it goes so far beyond that and tells a story of love, family and connection that virtually everyone can relate to (my 100% white wife was left in tears). Ms. DiGiovanni has a remarkable gift for inhabiting her characters (her black father, white mother, brother, and grandmother) without ever descending into caricature. And she does so wit... full review