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Hemophelia's House of Horrors

comedy · the visceral company · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States

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There are some REALLY funny moments in this horror-based sketch review. There are musical numbers that rock. And, your hostess, Hemophelia (the vivacious Lara Fisher) keeps things light and sexually charged during transitions with not just a nod but a sweeping genuflection in the direction of Elvira. Some of the premises are creaky and a smidge under-cooked. But, I saw the first performance and I have no doubt that things will get tighter and funnier as the show progresses. There is also some genuine Theatricality (note the capital "T") at moments. My personal faves are a grand guignol scene where a man is being slowly eviscerated, one organ at a time over the course of several days, the scene with the puppet and the virgin sacrifice.... full review

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