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The Show

comedy · wild thing radio theatre · Ages 10+ · world premiere · United States

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“The Show”
Wild Thing Radio Theatre

Written and Directed by: Max Oken

“The Show” is a new comedy about social media’s effects on how we view the world around us. This satire employs a stream of consciousness style that includes direct references to movies, radio, TV, political figures, and other cultural sources, intermingled with sound effects and bits of music. The resulting stories — include stylized mystery radio in the style of the Firesign Theatre— border on psychedelic, an effect intensified by the frequent appearance of mock advertisements; Satirizing real products. “The Show” is what our lives would be like if it were limited to Facebook status updates and Twitter feeds.

production team

max oken *
supreme leader!
benjamin durham *
lighting guru/ sound god
jen bailey *

* Fringe Veteran

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