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Orange Flower Water

ensemble theatre · the creative collective · Ages 16+ · United States

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Review by anonymous

June 10, 2013

My overall impression

The fringe for me has always been hit or miss but when I walked out of The Stephanie Feury Studio Theatre on Saturday Night my love of live theater was reignited.

This deeply moving play, Orange Flower Water by Craig Wright, touches upon parts of own modern world that we’d rather not reveal. Love over commitment, truth over lies, personal freedom over family. It forces you to see what you’d prefer be blind to. The cost of following your heart when everything around you could and will crumble. The break up of tradition and the creation of our modern family.

Not only do Wright’s words stir the pot of emotion but these performances dance on a tight rope of awe. The pain is felt through ever footstep on stage, the courage through every tear, the rage through ever voice. Added to a ‘No Holds Barred’ Directorial approach the characters reveal themselves to us as if we are lying in bed with them. The passion is real, the wounds open and raw. Each actor (and there’s only 4) walks the stage with strength and vulnerability, exploding with a truth that I long to witness in live theater. That’s why we go, to be moved, to escape our own reality and walk away a changed person. Thank you Stephanie, thank you cast and thank you Craig Wright!

Theater is definitely alive at The Stephanie Feury Studio Theatre and this play, a triumph of the heart, is not one to be missed!

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