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Orange Flower Water

ensemble theatre · the creative collective · Ages 16+ · United States

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ANONYMOUS June 10, 2013
The fringe for me has always been hit or miss but when I walked out of The Stephanie Feury Studio Theatre on Saturday Night my love of live theater was reignited. This deeply moving play, Orange Flower Water by Craig Wright, touches upon parts of own modern world that we'd rather not reveal. Love over commitment, truth over lies, personal freedom over family. It forces you to see what you'd prefer be blind to. The cost of following your heart when everything around you could and will crumble. The break up of tradition and the creation of our modern family. Not only do Wright's words stir the pot of emotion but these performances dance on a tight rope of awe. The pain is felt through ever footstep on stage, the courage through every tea... full review
MARISA PERSSON certified reviewer June 20, 2013
What a beautiful and vulnerable piece. The individual performances are so raw and engaging that you leave emotionally distraught, reflecting on your own life. It's important that you go see this show. ... full review
BOB LEGGETT June 22, 2013
This was not the typical "fringe" show, but an incredibly professional presentation by a group of actors who have made names for themselves in film and television. With a cast of Mick Thyer as Brad, Sarah Ann Schultz as his wife Beth, Jeff Denton (NCIS, NCIS:LA) as David and Leslie Liberman as his wife Kathy, the story revolved around what happens when friends become secret lovers, and the effect that conflict has on their respective lives. The show was beautifully staged and wonderfully acted. The story dealt with a difficult topic, but was presented in such a way that gave hope. I highly recommend this show.... full review
DAVID GABBAY certified reviewer June 23, 2013
This preformance moved me and I was fully immersed in the story. Not for once during the preformance did I feel like I was watching actors. The intimate yet far reaching preformance and use of space made me feel like I was a fly on the wall watching these relationships morph and change right around me. Each charactor went through a real change and grew by the end of the play. Lighting and sound helped really make the experience immersive, and sitting in the front row definitely helped. The fringe is great because it attracts a wide variety of talents. This was definitely one of the most professionally produced and more importantly professionally acted works. Don't pass this up, as there is one more showing today. A real peace of theater tha... full review
CHASE MCGUIRE certified reviewer June 22, 2013
A fantastic play performed to it's utmost. I have never seen a play by Craig Wright and I was absolutely enthralled by the characters. I was on the edge of my seat most of the play experiencing the events as they unfolded with the actors. A job well done, I highly recommend seeing it. It was a lot of fun being in the room. ... full review

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