Orange Flower Water

ensemble theatre · the creative collective · Ages 16+ · United States

From the writer of the award winning series SIX FEET UNDER, LOST, and DIRTY SEXY MONEY.

Orange Flower Water is a brutally frank exploration of marriage which examines the irresistible lure and poisonous effects of unrealistic expectations within love. It portrays the inescapably compromised contours of relationships.

An emotionally and physically lacerating ordeal, it is at once fiercely adult, shrewdly observant, often painfully graphic and most definitely not for the meek.

Married couples David and Cathy Larson and Brad and Beth Youngquist live with their children in the relatively peaceful town of Pine City, Minnesota. David and Beth, after years of maintaining a platonic friendship, begin an adulterous affair with disastrous consequences. Through a series of scenes which all take place on or around a single bed, we see the painfully intense real-time unraveling of both marriages and, eventually, the construction of a very fragile but authentic new beginning for everyone concerned.

Production Team

stephanie feury *

director, producer

mick thyer *

actor, producer

sarah ann schultz *

actor, producer

christopher singleton *

lighting designer

stephanie mayer *

assistant director

* Fringe Veteran