comedy · john gilkey and the idiot workshop present · Ages 18+ · United States

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JASON GALARDI certified reviewer June 23, 2013
Hate to be the one guy that didn't love the show as people around me seemed to be enjoying themselves but I found it annoying. The actors were fine but I felt like I was watching an actors workshop or a rehearsal. The director (John I think) would walk up in stage and give directions to the actors as if he was coaching them privately. The problem is, we all could hear him. The director constantly got up, commanded people around the stage and would interrupt the actors as they were trying to improv. He was too in control of things. There were three actors that stood out to me. The two girls and Alec. The one girl who was drooling because she hadn't been kissed, reminded me of an S&L character. She was very funny and I personally think she... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 23, 2013
are you KIDDING ME? go see this show. it is why i go to live theater. the lack of what it has is why i RARELY enjoy live theater. WET THE HIPPO is why fringe exists. it makes you feel things you only feel when you're desperately in love or finally heartbroken. Fearless. Vulnerable. Sensual. Watch this show and remember what living is. And then leave and go do it.... full review
ZACHARY STEEL certified reviewer June 29, 2013
Fantastic! Gilkey has attracted an unbelievably talented group of performers that aren't held down by typical conventions of theater and kept us enthralled the entire show with their unpredictable and scatological imaginations. It is very difficult task to not be followers in theatrical endevors, but leaders. And they excelled. Congratulations to Wet The Hippo.... full review
BOB CHRISTIAN certified reviewer June 27, 2013
Challenging the perception of watching theater, this series of scenes combine to give the audience a visceral theater experience.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer July 07, 2013
Absolutely fun, surprising and even enchanting. Great company. It's a rare thing to let go of expectations and just soak in a performance, and this show forced me to do it. Really glad I saw this. Really glad. ... full review
JOSH HILLINGER certified reviewer July 09, 2013
I had a dream about this show last night. I swear. I think that's how excited I am to see it again. Takes sketch comedy to a whole new, raw, real, crazy, demented, controlled, perfected level. It's improv! It's sketch! It's improv! It's sketch! It's improv AND sketch. It's perfect.... full review
KEVIN DELIN certified reviewer June 23, 2013
Improv like you've never seen before. Every night is different, of course, but expect to see a violin - er, viola - on stage, played rather well. Also expect physical interpretative dance that becomes improv in a surprisingly seamless way. The entire troupe is great, standouts for the night I saw include Tyler Watson who has a truly bizarre understanding of his physical being, Gabe McKinney who transformed himself into a reptilian demon worthy of Edward Gorey, Tim Reid's philosophizing about the nature of work, as well as household curtains (on the first floor), which was deeper than many scripted monologues, Natalie Palamides who knows how to drool better than a 4 month old baby, and Claire Titelman who has an incredible discussion with a ... full review