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"The Lover" by Harold Pinter

ensemble theatre · the smith and martin company · Ages 12+ · United States

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LAUREN LUDWIG certified reviewer June 19, 2013
Everyone, go see this show! The performances are both excellent. The chemistry between the actors is exciting to watch. This is an interesting and multi-layered short play that the performers are exploring on all its levels. A shout out to the director for natural staging that still felt theatrical (and all on a TINY stage).... full review
BELINDA GOSBEE certified reviewer June 19, 2013
A tight, well acted and hugely enjoyable 45min. What appears to be a very simple piece of Pinter - is that an oxymoron? - actually demands a great deal from its actors. A task that is deftly handled by the very watchable, and versatile, talents of Lizzie Prestel and JB Waterman. ... full review
DANIEL SILK certified reviewer June 19, 2013
A sensitive, troubling and wickedly funny interpretation of a very difficult play. If you've ever wondered how couples make marriage work over the long term... well, here's one way! It takes brisk pacing and captivating performances to hold an audience at 11:30 pm; fortunately, The Lover has both. Highly recommended!... full review
ADAM SALKY certified reviewer June 29, 2013
Loved THE LOVER! It is short, taut, thoughtful, funny, and entertaining. Great performances with a twist at the end. Highly recommend!... full review
RYAN HARRISON certified reviewer June 22, 2013
This show is a testament to the Fringe's ability, with its open-door policy, to attract genuinely high quality productions. The play is a gem, the production is simple and effective, and the actors are gifted and exciting to watch. The production of the Pinter play "The Caretaker" that I saw on a London stage fifteen years ago, which starred none other than Sir Patrick Stewart, had nothing on the show I saw performed last night in a sixty seat blackbox theater on Santa Monica Boulevard. Go see it.... full review
CALLIOPE PORTER certified reviewer June 20, 2013
I was blown away by this show. Possibly the best Pinter show I've ever seen- which is a high bar to jump! The whole production was fantastic, but the writing and acting combined in a truly phenomenal way. Each moment seemed perfectly considered and delivered, while remaining spontaneous and alive. wow. A fun, interesting, surprising show and an excellent evening at the theatre. ... full review
IAN FEDERGREEN certified reviewer June 20, 2013
Infidelity threatens a marriage in an unlikely way. A bizarre little theatrical bon bon- fascinating, funny, and well-performed. ... full review
EDEL CORRIGAN certified reviewer June 24, 2013
The Lover Review Harold Pinter, king of the theatre, explores the evolution and escalation of a marriage in this short play. Set in one apartment, and based around Richard and Sarah, who practice an open marriage – Richard gaily enquiring as he sets off to work whether Sarah’s ‘lover’ is coming over that afternoon? – the ‘openness’ soon turns to something else. Matter of fact discussions revolving around her lover and his ‘whore’ soon take a turn for the worse as jealousy raises its ugly head. To chart the course of this play would be to give away the twist and the ending. Suffice to say that marriage in all its glory and despair, its good times and bad, is both captured and turned on its head in this 45 minute comedy. Catch i... full review