The Real Housekeepers of Studio City

musicals and operas · joe greene, heidi powers & tom moore · Ages 16+ · United States

world premiere
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ENCI BOX certified reviewer June 10, 2013
The show was a real treat! The actors were cast perfectly, and I especially liked Leigh Ann Smith and Daniel Switzer, both whom were genuine, quirky, and drew the eye. The sound of the show was in my opinion superb, from the actors, the music, and the voice over. You should RSVP for this show because if you don't, you'll be left to listen from the outside.... full review
IAN FEDERGREEN certified reviewer June 17, 2013
A lady must choose domestic help from among TV Land's finest. This is slightly more compelling than it sounds. The music is strong and the cast sings well. The book doesn't quite live up. full review
JOY BENNETT certified reviewer June 21, 2013
This show is terrific, a great, fun time. For a full review visit my website Joy Bennett member, Fringe Press Corps full review
SCATHACH COTTER certified reviewer June 25, 2013
This show took me back to my childhood! I laughed the whole way through, and was able to think "wow I wish this were really possible". You can see my full review here: full review
ELLEN DOSTAL certified reviewer June 24, 2013
If you grew up in the last half of the twentieth century you’ve seen your fair share of television sitcoms. You welcomed the Bradys, the Cosbys, the Cunninghams, the Munsters, the Bunkers, the Partridges, and even the Ricardos into your living room once a week, and you loved every minute of it. You watched them live during their regularly scheduled time periods, and more than once, fantasized about being part of their families. And the reason you never missed an episode is because they could always make you laugh. The Real Housekeepers of Studio City, a new musical at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, is banking on the fact that everything old is new again by playing to that audience; the one who views the world through a less cynical lens a... full review