It's Important to Leave, as well (Feed Your Fringe)

ensemble theatre · will play for food theatre group · Ages 17+ · United States

world premiere

“This is true theater…a first class show that should be enjoyed by all!” – Bob Legget,

“This was simply delicious… The script stayed one step ajead and I just enjoyed the ride. Morrison, Marden and their tip top, dedicated ensemble created an Our Town for theatre geeks” – Cindy Marie Jenkins,

“Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wondering if this play was written about you (or maybe for you)…”

“The production as whole creates theatrical experience that awards you for being a live audience; it blurs the line between actor and watcher, making you hyper-aware that you’re breathing the same air and living with the same questions.”

Will Play For Food Theatre invites you to the first annual ‘Feed Your Fringe’

The world premiere of
a one-act play
Joshua Morrison

“There are no characters. There’s only you.”

These are the words of the late great theatrical life-coach and spiritual dramatist Darwin Chini (1941 – 1992), founder of the Los Angeles-based Darwin Chini Theatre for the Therapeutic Arts. His belief is that there is only one way to confront and ultimately expunge the lingering psychic traumas of one’s past experiences, or “potentialities,” as he calls them—and that is through acting.

Chini and his living acolytes specialize in dealing with romantic trauma, whether it be divorce, infidelity, or basic yearning. This type of work is so popular, in fact, there is currently a limited-time discount of only $200 (first month only) for new participants wishing to release themselves from the damaging potentialities of love. If interested, please contact Andy at (925-586-5889).

This Project began as an idea, which we initially called ‘Feed Your Fringe’ The idea was to create something brand new, and in the process, push our creativity and ability to the limit, always with the intention of premiering it at the Fringe. We hope you’ll join us to see the culmination of two months of the most stressful, terrifying, and invigorating work any of us of done up to this point in our lives.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran