Lemon Boots

lemon boots physical theatre · Ages 6+ · family friendly · United States

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Review by ALEX SCOTT

June 08, 2013 certified reviewer

My overall impression

Move over Cirque Du Soleil, LEMON BOOTS is a fringey, creative devised dance piece that’s fun for audiences of all ages.

This 16 person emsemble really knows how to move, and that’s the fun of this piece, just getting to see what the actors will do with their bodies next. It’s clear that these guys love theatre, love each other, and have committed to making a great piece of physical theatre.

With a little more polish to this piece I would have “loved it” – as the show stands right now it lacks a clear story arc, and it relies too much on audience participation at the end to really “work”. However, with some moments cut out of the show to hone in more on the arc, and with a costume designer on board to unify everyone in something that works a little bit better for the show, I think this could be an amazing piece.

Flashlights, Shadows, and a very committed cast, as I said. Excellent work guys.

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