The Harry and Sam Dialogues

comedy · redsoil theater company · Ages 10+ · United States

“Have you read the average person’s diary?”

RedSoil Theater Company presents the comical yet brooding story of friendship and forgiveness: The Harry and Sam Dialogues by Karen Ellison.

The Harry and Sam Dialogues is about two old friends who like to pass the time posing outlandish questions to one another. These questions, shrouded in indifference, allow each man to question the other without asserting his fears. Eventually, time passes and the indifference melts into destruction—changing their friendship forever.

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“I am a huge fan of theatre that gets you thinking and questioning the experience, characters and subject matter presented. And I find myself, even after so many hours, still thinking about this fine production and just what reality was really being presented. I challenge you to do the same after seeing this brilliant production.” -Shari Barrett (

FINAL PERFORMANCE! @Theatre Asylum LAB 6320 Santa Monica Blvd

Saturday June 29 2013, 2:30 PM | 1hr

Production Team

brenda rosero *

makeup designer

elise ybarra *

costume designer

carly manno *

asst. stage manager/props

nicole nemecia *

asst. lighting designer

allison mamann *

stage manager

carly mcnamee *

house manager

eriko azuma *

redsoil founder and artistic director

nicholas pilapil *

marketing & publicity manager

michelle smith *

lighting designer

* Fringe Veteran