Queen Bee

Comedy · queen bee · Ages 16+ · 90 mins · United States of America

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SAM HENDRIAN certified reviewer June 29, 2024
Witty, well-directed satire that felt far more authentic than most movies and shows examining adolescent angst. ... full review
ALLISON SHEA REED certified reviewer June 29, 2024
Incredibly well done!!! The writing was spot on, acting was so strong, and directing was meticulous! One of my favorite shows of all of Fringe. ... full review
BRENDA WONG certified reviewer June 29, 2024
tagged as: Bullying · humor
Inspired by Lord of the Flies, but now with a group of girls brought together in a classroom by a lockdown drill, this humorous play explores power dynamics and friendships.... full review
BRETT MOORE certified reviewer June 25, 2024
Fun show! A hilarious trip through the looking glass that preserves some of the struggle for survival and politics of the Lord of the Flies, but with more humor and nods to preteen identity crises than the original as well. ... full review
MELISSA BAKER certified reviewer June 25, 2024
tagged as: lockdown · high school · teen · play
Took me right back to High School with really great characters and dynamics.... full review
MEGAN FRANCISCO certified reviewer June 25, 2024
Queen Bee felt like a flashback to the giddiness, wholesomeness, and awkwardness of teenage girlhood. It was a wildly creative show. Who knew that talking to your future self, stealing gum, hiding in a utility closet, and standing up to a bully could be so satisfying to watch? Angie and Simone’s friendship felt so real. Virginia/Stalin’s characters were a real treat to witness. And you’d love/hate Katie-Kate. Interesting turn of events from the OG source material. ... full review
MCKENSIE LANE certified reviewer June 25, 2024
"Queen Be" just might be queen of the Fringe. This was such a fun show to watch, full of all the teen angst and laughs one could wish for thanks to its amazing cast and writer/director.... full review
MYRIAM ALI-AHMAD certified reviewer June 24, 2024
tagged as: women · teenagers · coming of age · ensemble · Comedy
I loved it so much! Having done a production of Lord of the Flies, I was super excited about this show but didn't exactly know what to expect. I was super happy to find it to be a real gem, a witty, funny, light-hearted but still very deep and raw piece. ... full review
MANDY RUBELI certified reviewer June 24, 2024
tagged as: impressive · thoughtful · heartfelt · amazing
This show absolutely blew me away. The entire cast and team is INCREDIBLY talented. This show left me feeling inspired to make art that's this good!!! I cannot recommend this show enough- please go see this!!!! Def one of my top fringe shows... full review
VIMALA VEERA certified reviewer June 23, 2024
Such a creative take on an iconic piece of literature. I loved how this version took a focus on inter/intrapersonal relationships. Each character was unique and entertaining in their own ways, having their own versions of humor!... full review