Barry’s “Gardening” Service

Immersive & Games · bamfer productions · Ages 16+ · 10 mins to 20 mins · United States of America

world premiere

Thanks for choosing Barry’s “Gardening” Service, your one stop shop for all your “gardening supplies.” Anything you want, we got it! Whether it’s the one that puts you in the couch or the one that is spelled kinda like saliva or even that one that combines the two of them together, Barry’s “Gardening” Service has everything you need to make your garden grow. Forget those fancy “gardening” delivery services; I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want those narcs to know where I live! And as such, you should only get your “gardening supplies” the good ol’ fashioned way: by meeting a strange puppet on a dark street corner in Hollywood…just like your parents used to do! And guess what? You’re my very first customer too! Isn’t that exciting?! So come on already, pick a time and come meet me because you’re going to get my exclusive “first customer ever” deal on these “gardening supplies.” Good? Good! See ya soon!

****This is a short one-on-two immersive show between you and a puppet. You might be paired with another person in your time slot. However, if you’d like to bring a friend along, please use the coupon code: BARRYSBUD. The ticket price will be $20 for two people.****

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran