Zander Raphael


Zander Raphael (He/She/They) is a gender-fluid actor, singer, dancer, brand ambassador and performance artist. Since the age of nine, Zander has worked professionally in Hollywood as a studio session singer and actor on tv shows, movies, and commercials. Throughout the pandemic they acted in, produced and designed virtual events for a worldwide audience as a member of Co-Reality Collective (CRC) and The Caravan, creators of immersive solo, group and party experiences. Online participants were entertained, challenged and teleported through Zoom wormholes to uncharted technological territories. Zander additionally collaborated with SparkleVerse as a key performer and experience designer for the 2020 & 2021 Virtual Burns (Digital Burning Man). Their immersive character work includes hosting a Glass Onion themed escape room for Netflix, interacting with San Diego Comic Con patrons as an ancient Greek security guard promoting the 20th Century Fox series Krapopolis, and teaching rage therapy as The Queen of Hearts at an immersive Alice in Wonderland dinner party. They recently performed with Élan Artists as a Rabbit-Flight-Attendant-Tour-Guide in The Legends of Wonderland, a grand scale corporate party that took place at The San Francisco Mint. Zander’s sketch character Complaints Dept. Supervisor is touring the comedy festival circuit and will be premiering at San Diego & Hollywood Fringe this year! As a brand ambassador, Zander has been spotted scaring Spotify music influencers as a Zombie Cowboy in a corn maze, serving cocktails to the Queer community in West Hollywood’s Gayborhood and gifting Dr. Squatch soaps at Venice Beach dressed as an inflatable T. Rex! Their Instagram is @Zander_Raphael