I Love Sorority Rush!

Musicals & Operas · written by spencer ryan locke and music by ted mcmanus · Ages 16+ · United States of America

Content Warning world premiere
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June 24, 2024 stage raw, ladcc
tagged as: greek life · Nonbinary · trans

What I liked

Dahlya Glick is fantastic as Evan! This is the first show of the Fringe that left me humming one of its tunes — hats off for memorable songwriting, good jokes, and a great ensemble.

What I didn't like

This is such a silly thing, but for me the DeviantArt style of the poster art subconsciously influenced my expectations for the professionalism of the production, a factor I considered when deciding whether or not to fit something into a busy Fringe schedule. I’m so glad I came, and I would hate for someone to choose not to see the show because they thought it wouldn’t be as good as it is!

My overall impression

Whether you love sororities, sci-fi, or trans storytelling, this mini-musical is an unexpected treat! As a queer person who never touched Greek life in their collegiate career, this was an entertaining introduction to the culture of sorority rush and a delightfully silly framework for exploring identity and gender ‘grief.’

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