I Love Sorority Rush!

Musicals & Operas · written by spencer ryan locke and music by ted mcmanus · Ages 16+ · United States of America

Content Warning world premiere
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June 16, 2024 certified reviewer

What I liked

A delightful ensemble of some truly powerful singers! Kudos on some major talent up on that stage! And those songs… ahh… it makes the musical lover in me swoon the big swoon! Several were so incredibly catchy, hummable, and bad-ass and then you throw in some of those tender, sweet duets, a power ballad here and there and you’ve got quite a musical! I loved the diversity of women up on that stage in all shapes, sizes, colors, etc. KUDOS to all involved!

What I didn't like

The cast could have lost a couple of people given the size of the stage. At times, I felt as though the ladies were crunched for space. Would love to see what could happen on a larger stage with a different director who could add a fresh lens on to break up some of the monotony of staging and help with the transitional flow. Also… perhaps a bit more choreography would be fun!

My overall impression

A musical romp served sorority style?!? YES PLEASE!! What a fun and cool concept of a show complete with the dramatics of rush, self-awareness, friendship dynamics and… for kickers, throw in an inter-dimensional doppleganger! This show was an ABSOLUTE HOOT in the BEST WAYS POSSIBLE and the messaging was strong!!! It’s impossible to leave this show not feeling empowered and hopeful!

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