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Reviewed by Julyza Commodore
Hollywood Fringe
Thru June 24


If you’re looking to be taken on a journey by one woman who insists on taking you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions all while having a smile on her face majority of the time, look no further. Made in America is a one-woman show performed by Teruko Nakajima (with an appearance from her dog, Titi). She takes pride in being “Your biggest cheerleader on Earth” and honestly that is evident very early on.

With only a projector, very few props and herself, Nakajima takes the audience for a ride, starting from her childhood and ending in the present time. In the matter of 60 minutes, we see how she has been able to survive and make it in America after choosing to immigrate from Japan to the United States. I was immediately drawn into her performance and story due to how vulnerable and honest it all is. There are moments that are both moving and tear provoking. In between these moments, she is also able to bring about laughter and lightheartedness through comedy and high energized dancing. She shares her life journey with no holding back; nothing about this show is sugar-coated.

Throughout the show, Nakajima is a very engaging storyteller, truthful and captivating, as well as inspiring.
One hour without intermission

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