OCT 2009

Theatre of NOTE Joins the Fringe

We happily announce a partnership with Theatre of NOTE – one of the heavy hitters in the Hollywood Theatre scene. NOTE is the seventh venue to join Hollywood Fringe for Festival 2010.

We’ve actually been working with NOTE for a while now and are most pleased to make it official. Ezra Buzzington, board member at NOTE and co-founder of Seattle Fringe and FringeNYC has been advising us for a while now.

Here’s a little more on NOTE from their website…


Our Mission Statement:

We at Theatre of NOTE are an enduring ensemble of diverse theatre artists in the heart of
Hollywood who inspire, inform, and ignite our audiences by discovering courageous voices and creating entertaining, provocative, and revelatory theatrical works.

Our Values Statement(s):

  • Theatre of NOTE stands for an ability and willingness to take artististic risks.
  • We find a strong sense of communal self in our generosity, integrity, respect, diversity, and the democracy of our organization.
  • We choose plays that illuminate universal truths of emotional honesty, passion, and humanity through theatrical extremes.
  • We maintain a safe and professional artistic environment in which we can risk, express,
    learn, and flourish while working in many capacities with fellow visionary theatre artists on challenging premiere theatrical works.
  • We treat our company members and guest artists with respect, encouragement, love,
    and support for each other’s artistic growth, vision, and experience.
  • We welcome our audiences with enthusiasm, intelligence, and a desire to share the best
    of what NOTE has to offer.