SEP 2009

Community Letters: Aaron Kozak

Occasionally, we will be posting comments from members of our community. Interested in having your voice heard? Send your letter to [email protected].

This letter is from Aaron Kozak….


To whom this may concern,

I am a four year resident of Hollywood with a great love for the community. It goes without saying that our town is haven for artists in all mediums, at all levels of success. However, it also harbors an outsider’s image of a city void of artistic integrity, which is unfortunate considering how many dedicated local artists spend time and money on classes, shows, and personal projects. There are so many acting studios, comedy clubs(U.C.B., I.O., Groundlings) all paying taxes, attracting a slue of people ready to entertain the masses. And while the Fringe Festival may not be a comedy event like the LA Improv Fest, those comedy students are not just comedians. Many of them are actors hoping to develop their comedy skills and their ability to improvise. It’s sad that we let many of these artists go to waste. A Fringe Festival will succeed here in execution because of the number of artists, and the number of willing patrons, as well as tourists who will surely take advantage of some of the programming…and probably have a meal before at some of our local restaurants.

If we could make our Fringe Festival the standard of art festivals, I think it would really soften our image in the minds of artistic communities in other cities, other states. It would also bring attention to the artists themselves, who’s financial gain in turn benefits the State of California.

I hope you will help make this festival something special.


Aaron Kozak