JUN 2024

Worried about selling tickets? Fast tips to market your show!

Are you struggling with selling tickets?

Please see below for all the resources Hollywood Fringe has to offer plus some awesome advice we’ve gathered over the last decade from producers who have found success under our platform!


  1. If you haven’t watched our workshops + town halls from last year, catch them all here! There are unbelievable gems of information from Fringe staff and award winning past participants.
  2. If you haven’t seen the Fringe marketing opportunities blog, catch them here!


Get organized! People want to help you, but they are SUPER busy. But, if you had a really easy way (i.e. a media kit with already built social posts, good images, pull quotes) for them to pull marketing, they’ll usually help you repost (but you might have to help them later)! These media kits don’t have to be fancy – sometimes a single Google Doc or PDF with all the info (like a press release and links to images they may share) is more than enough.

Delegate to your friends + family. You’re overwhelmed, but you are not alone! Who are you close to that you can bring in? They don’t even have to be familiar with Fringe. It could be your niece who is obsessed with making tik toks (social media), your neighbor who is a huge social butterfly (word of mouth) or even just someone to help you keep organized.

Know your show is good, but don’t know anyone in LA? Paper your house (that means give out a ton of comps) for your first two shows! Invite your fellow artists to come (and ask them to leave you a review). After the show, send them all a message via the Fringe site with an easy way for them to promote your show. For example, you could include in your thank you email a link to a social media post and ask them to repost with a specific promo code for lower priced tickets.

Have some friends doing Fringe? Cross promote! You shout out their show at the curtain call, they shout out yours. Add them to your program and ask if they can do the same. Flyer together at a place you feel comfortable (or, if your audience is the tourist crowd, on Hollywood Blvd!)

Find your people. The Fringe is all about GRASSROOTS marketing- that means word of mouth, meeting people and getting out of your comfort zone. Find local groups that match your show content and invite them to your performances! For example, if your show is about motherhood, you could go to your local mom Facebook group + become active on the site. Post a link to your show in the group and see if you can have a moms night out organized with your team. Maybe there is a huge mom meet up? Go to it and talk about your show. You are selling yourself as much as you are selling your show—believe in yourself! 

Feel like you’re doing it all, but having no luck? Phone a friend you trust (the type of person you could market your show to) and send them your copy, your images and see if there’s something they think is missing. Simple pivots like a clearer marketing message sometimes make all the difference.


Come talk to us in person at Fringe Central- we are here to help! Hours and more at www.hollywoodfringe.org/central

And, as always, email [email protected] if you’re out of time and need some quick advice.