APR 2024

Artist Marketing Opportunities

See below for the Fringe sponsored and organized marketing opportunities you’ll have at your disposal – there are many chances to let people know about your show now through June!

Office Hours

It’s at the top for a reason! Join Hollywood Fringe staff and participants for weekly casual meet-ups at different bars and restaurants around Hollywood. These events are your chance to start building your network and market your show! Office Hours take place on Wednesdays from 7 – 10 pm starting March 27th. As the schedule is updated, be sure to check out the events page for where they’ll be.

Festival Participants who volunteer for the festival get exclusive opportunities to market their show, as well as access to free/discounted tickets! To learn more at a volunteer orientation, complete this short form to join the volunteer team.

Postcards & Posters and where to drop them off
Bring your postcards & a single poster to Fringe Central during any open Fringe Central hours Wednesday- Sunday. Please keep in mind that poster space is limited, so we cannot accept posters larger than 11 × 17. Please check in with a member of Fringe Staff, and we will provide you instructions on placement (& hang the poster for you!)!

It’s a great way to engage with your audience at Fringe. A reminder: print the Hollywood Fringe logo on your materials; you can find the logo on the Fringe site at https://www.hollywoodfringe.org/branding

Fringe Venues & local Hollywood businesses are also great places to put up your posters and flyers. Please make sure to talk with the venue or establishment manager first before putting up your promotional material. 

Postcard Etiquette Reminders!
Do not move/cover up other postcards with your own in any spaces. Fringe staff won’t hesitate to remove your flyers if you do this. If you’re having trouble finding room, consult with the person you asked permission from to drop them off! 
Don’t hand out postcards to an audience walking out of a show unless you have explicit permission. 
Do not hand out postcards in the public areas of the Ovation Center (the mall surrounding Fringe Central) as there is a strict no solicitation policy and you will be asked to move. You may promote your show on Hollywood Blvd, though!
Don’t leave flyers at any business without permission. And don’t litter!

Busking on Hollywood Blvd
Busking is when you perform on the sidewalk or another public place, and sometimes, for public donations. This year, Hollywood Fringe will also be hosting busking sessions for Fringers where you can sign up for 20-minute slots from two to six pm on Saturdays and Sundays starting May 18th and carrying on into June! Signing up for the Hollywood Fringe Busking program is a great way to focus on the performing aspect of busking and not worry about the logistics! We are here to help!

Please note that there are many performers who make a living busking on Hollywood Blvd. Please join Fringe staff in community with them and avoid competition with vendors and other performers. Let’s all be great Hollywood neighbors!

Ads on the Fringe Site
You can purchase ads on the Hollywood Fringe site with special participant rates (50% off the normal rate). This is an effective and inexpensive way to draw a wider audience to your show. Visit hollywoodfringe.org/market to check out your options.

HFF24 Discounts for Commissioners Club members and volunteers 
Hollywood Fringe Festival is a nonprofit organization that relies heavily on volunteers and small donations to continue to support this amazing community of artists. We wouldn’t be able to run the Hollywood Fringe Festival without these amazing people! One way you can help us say thank you is by offering them a free or discounted ticket to your show.  

Here’s how to advertise your discounts for HFF members and volunteers:

STEP ONE: Create your code – our suggested discount is 25% off (or more)! For example, if your base ticket price is $12, your HFFThanks price would be $9 at 25% off. Please name your code “HFFThanks” 

STEP TWO: Fill out this form so we can add your show to the list!

Fringe Cabaret is the only official Hollywood Fringe Festival sampler platter! Bringing it back to Fringe Central for the 14th year, Cabaret Director Bella Luna is booking fun acts that include variety, magic, dance, music, comedy, and general silliness. Applications are open now! You can also promote your show by offering free tickets or swag to be raffled off during Cabaret performances!! To arrange a donation or if you have any questions email [email protected].

Runway: Showcasing The Best of Hollywood Fringe 2024 Costume Design
At our annual fashion show and party we shine the spotlight on the brilliant costumes that will grace stages across Hollywood during the festival. Select shows will be given the chance to strut their stuff, then the audience will vote for their favorite design! Get audiences excited about your show, celebrate the work of incredible fringe designers, and if you are chosen as one of our top three designs of 2024 you’ll win a prize!!

Hollywood Fringe productions can apply for the chance to compete in runway using this form: https://forms.gle/FPLiyjyWM3Gc4inN7

The deadline to enter is Sunday, May 26th before midnight. More information about the qualifying criteria is available on the application form. Good luck!