JAN 2019

Greetings, Fringers-

While studying the registration process for HFF19, you may notice one change – a slight price increase of our top-level registration tier to $300. This is our first price change since 2011.
As you know, we don’t take these decisions lightly and we are very serious about how fringe costs impact participant finances. We spend an entire segment of Town Hall 1 discussing budgetary considerations and how to make good financial decisions so you don’t lose money.
Since we started the festival in 2010, the costs of promoting events in Los Angeles is more expensive and the funding environment for arts nonprofits is more challenging. Long story short, to stay sustainable with a festival of our size, we need to change the registration fee to compensate for these inflationary events. 
We totally understand that no one likes to pay more and this will cause a little pain. But I can assure you, we are doing our best to minimize that pain while balancing the priorities to fund, run and promote the festival as a whole. Ultimately, this additional money goes into programs like scholarships, guides, pole signs, special events, online ads, radio advertising. We ultimately design our budget and financing to provide opportunities for participants to succeed.
No one really loves change and even fewer love price increases. We want to make sure you understand this decision wasn’t callously made in a vacuum. We need to implement these changes to keep the festival healthy and secure for generations to come.
Here’s to your success in 2019!
Ben Hill, Festival Director
Hollywood Fringe Festival