DEC 2016
Greetings Fringers!
We all deserve plaudits for a fine year in the arts – be it as performer, producer, technician or lover and supporter. We’ve all striven to nurture and evolve the performing arts in our fine city and beyond, a daunting and worthwhile struggle; a glorious burden.
As the year winds down, I humbly ask our community (that’s you, dear reader) for an end-of-year donation to the Fringe. Our zeal for this venture is driven by a quest to demolish barriers that keep artists and its supporters from the stages where life, love, passion and ritual richly commune in this thing called theatre.
As with all things, these efforts require time, passion, perseverance and yes, that pernicious rascal money. And it’s on this last challenge that I call upon your sense of shared responsibility to donate to our efforts. 
We are accepting tax deductible donations on our website at hollywoodfringe.org/donate.
This isn’t just about us, after all. 
This is a broad mission for all arts organizations in LA and beyond; a shared quarry in which we all venture. The arts are what make us human. They teach us empathy, understanding, they transport us into fantastical realms of imagination and leave us forever changed. Without them, our lives would be a grey landscape without the spark of invention and creation.
A sad picture, friends. So please keep the gears of this festival turning with your kind show of support.
May you all enjoy a creative and fulfilling new year. See you in June.
With love and thanks,
Ben Hill, Festival Director
The Hollywood Fringe Festival


The Fringe is a registered 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible.  
Need more reasons to give? Check out our Giving Tuesday post.



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