David Bryant

David Paul Bryant is a playwright from Cincinnati, Ohio with a love for the theatrical arts and music.

David received his BA in Microbiology from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and now is a Fragrance Lab Technician. Even though he has studied the world of science, he has a passion for the performing arts. From high school plays and show-choir to studying abroad in London to learn about the theatrical arts from the best, David strives to enjoy and create emotional storytelling, compelling acting, and thought-provoking experiences.

Theater and music pull emotions from all of us and he utilizes both to tell his stories. He certainly shows this admiration in his first play, Earworm. David is very excited to work with Impaired Vision Productions to bring his writing to the stage and to your ears.

Walking on Eggshells in Stilettos

Walking On Eggshells In Stilettos: A dark comedy about bipolar disorder & child abuse. With characters, multimedia, physical comedy, we journey with Ann-Marie as she steps out of negative patterns into her own power, self love & some sexy stilettos!

$7 tickets for 6/20 show code: NIGHTOWL

Jessica awakens from hypnotherapy remembering all of her past lives. And that her therapist has been the love of her life in every lifetime. In this dark romantic comedy, she hopes to finally get it right, or at least not get murdered this time.