Ben Levin

Growing up in Minneapolis and currently residing in Los Angeles, I have been exposed to many musical influences over time and geography. Playing the drums along to my Dad’s 80s records as a toddler opened the door for understanding not only pop and rock music, but gave me the tools to improvise and learn the instrument mostly on my own. I received technical training later from a number of teachers through my late teens and early twenties including Gordy Knudtson. I went on to perform in and support a multitude of projects in Minneapolis from punk and folk rock to jazz fusion. Being inspired by improvised music, I helped form a hybrid electronic avant-garde collective known as Inconceivable Master Plan which has played at both jazz clubs as well as electronic music festivals. I have done session work with bands ranging from alt rock/pop, such as Moonrise Nation’s first major E.P. on Copy Cat Records, as well as with technical projects such as Perfect Being’s ‘Vier’ a neo-prog journey recently released on Inside Out Records.