Misti Cooper

Spiritual Alchemist•Worldwide Energetic Healer• Spiritual Consultant•Minister of LOVE•Author•Inspirational Speaker• Radio/TV Talk Show Host•Teacher•Leads Spiritual Adventures to Sacred Sites•Meditation & Qi Gong facilitator

I AM the Spiritual Alchemist.
Misti Cooper is a guide and teacher who helps people improve their lives and wellbeing by providing the tools to take responsibility for their co-creative power in life and shares ancient wisdom for transformation. She is an empath with clairaudient gifts and has a magnetic energy that naturally draws people to her for healing. Misti’s life began on earth with a near death experience at nine months old. She was visited by spirit again at age three and experienced a powerful transference of light that activated her energetic ability. Misti has experienced being taken out of body that was void of touch and in that moment she became one with all of life and was delivered into Spiritual Ecstasy.

Misti Cooper is a skilled energetic facilitator. She draws universal energy (love) into her body and transfers it into yours. She can activate your dream state to reveal blocks you didn’t know you had. She believes supressed emotions create disease and conflict and by making contact with a persons energy field you create lumination and regeneration of cells which changes negative energetic patterns. She is educated in multiple energetic modalities and works with the consciousness of crystals to change the electromagnetic frequency in your body. Misti is the emotional bridge between medicine and the immune system. She has worked with Clients suffering from a variety of disorders.

Misti Cooper is a reservoir of knowledge in her fields of interest and unites science with spirituality. It’s natural for her to challenge the belief system of the world and offer new insights for humanity to explore. She is a firm believer in Quantum Physics, Bioenergetics and sound frequency. She applies the works of Albert Einstein, Alice Bailey and Wilhelm Reich who discovered the Orgone Theory into daily practice. Orgone is an energetic medicine to the cellular level and based on Na’scent sexual energy as the primary force of life.

Misti Cooper’s authenticity has given birth to her talent as a captivating writer and provocative speaker. Her words resonate in your heart and touch the truth of your soul. Her voice can soothe and seduce you. Her first book “Mistical Meditations” part 1 in a series of three is completed and will be published soon. Misti has been interviewed on various shows across the country and most recently has been asked to lay down a track for an upcoming album by rapper, song writer Chris Clarke, son of legendary jazz musician Stanley Clarke.

Misti Cooper and her business partner Rebecca Dru formed the company "Spiritual Ecstasy Enterprise” producing a collection of spiritual multimedia products, lectures, books, music and created high grade organic essential oil with properties that promote health and wellbeing. They travel the world with an Activated Seed Crystal Skull, affectionately named “Skully.” Healing people and healing the planet. They lead people on Spiritual Adventures™ and Transform Lives and Activate Souls of those who are ready to change.

Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram mistical888 www.misticooper.com To Book a session with Misti Cooper: ACTIVATESPIRITUALXTC.COM +1.310.409.9765
Misti Cooper is one of the few Spiritualists accepted into the American, Canadian and UK Association of Healers and Psychics.